Monday, August 27, 2007

Satay Kajang

So an afternoon off from work today was spent with my older angel, mum and lil sis. They accompanied me to get my passport renewed before we headed down to Arab Street (shoots .. lucky i realised the validity else I wont be able to go Batam next Sat with the Makan Kakis)

Mum has always wanted to eat Satay Kajang, and the only place we know that serves this (besides Malaysia that is), is at this little cafe on Bussorah Street called Hjh Esah Cafe.

The shop sells quite a fair variety of food .. from nasi campur to noodles to rojak, snacks like banana and cempedak fritters and of course Satay Kajang.

We ordered banana fritters (goreng pisang panas beb),

gado-gado and

hokkien mee.

We also got what we were here for, Satay Kajang, of course.

I tried my first stick of that mutton satay kajang and boy did i fall in love with it .. the marinated skewered meat was just "power to the max"! Anyways, I lurveeeeeeeeee mutton, give me mutton chop, mutton soup, mutton satay .. anything mutton and I can wallop them up like a hungry carnivore .. heh ..

Satay Kajang is special in the sense that no oil is used in the grilling process which equates to a little healthier choice of satay! The satay is a little longer than normal satay and each costs S$0.55 and they do cater for functions too. (i foresee mum ordering satay from this place coz she was the one who asked if they cater for functions .. *crosses fingers*)

So if you wish to try some Satay Kajang, scoot down to Hjh Esah Cafe on Bussorah Street.


mamazieza said...

U know Murnie.. mama has been trying to comment kat Isabelle's party tu.. tapi asyik kena tendang jerrr.. hehehe

Congrats to you.. makin maju.. makin maju tu.. I am so happy for you...

Oh ya, nanti lepas raya mama nak mintak tolong belikan benda tu ekkk hehehehehe

m3rni3 said...

aik .. apsal plak kena tendang eh?? hmm ... mana2 nak comment pun ok je lah .. asalkan sampai ke murnie ..

thanks mama .. berkat join RN jugak .. so inspired by you all ..

hmm .. mama nak mintak tolong belikan benda apa ma?? the disposable cake stand ke??

watever it is email murnie k .. insyaAllah will get for u!

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