Saturday, August 25, 2007

Isabelle's 3rd Birthday

It was Isabelle's 3rd birthday last Friday but the celebration was only held earlier today, 5pm at the multi purpose hall over at their residence.

Her dad had text me a couple of days ago to order some cupcakes. But I thought, the cupcakes would be an ideal birthday prezzie from Tita Murnie to Isabelle.

So I made her some chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Iced it with pastel pink and blue cream. Topped it off with coloured sprinkles and also insect wrapped chocolates.

When I reached the party venue, I placed the cupcakes on a disposable 3 tier cake stand. And there the cuppies were .. they stood pretty amidst the array of food that the host had to offer.

Some of the mummies there asked if I take orders and if I had a namecard. Well, yes I do take orders but no I aint got no namecard! Is it time for me to make a namecard?!

Anyways, here are some pictures I took at the birthday party ..

Auni looking bored coz the it rained hence she couldnt swim .. poor baby ..

A girl enjoying the cake till the last bit .. oh yah her pretty face was smeared with the cream too .. hehehe

One for remembrance girls .. before ripping the prezzies open .. Peace .. oh yah, the little bags the girls were carrying on their backs were the goodie bags they received from the birthday girl!

Helium balloons up on the ceiling ..

That's the birthday girl's mummy, Mylene, taking a bite at the cupcake .. gotcha!

Ok enough pictures already ..

So Isabelle, before Tita ends this post, Tita would like to once again wish you a Happy 3rd Birthday

and may your days ahead be as colourful as the icing on the cakes and the balloons above.


iloveyrcuppies said...

Babe, your cuppies r very very prettylicious. I love the way u do the deco for different occasions. How i wish i was there to grab 1 of the pretty,yummy cuppies.

Btw - yeah, u do need a namecard and yes i'll be the 1st one to promote for ya.

Shaz & Aidil said...

so uber impresed with the cupcake designs! and ooh the ladybird chocs are very cute!

perhaps ask hana or faddy this sun if they can design you a namecard or blog banner/badge? hehe. i too wld love to help promote2...hehehe

m3rni3 said...

hi rohani .. thanks for the compliments gerl. i really appreciate it! you'll definitely get to try it one fine day k!

hehe .. yah i think i need to make namecards!

m3rni3 said...

hey syaz .. found those insects chocs at the supermart .. just had to grab them .. so ideal for kids lah!

ahh .. those girls are just so design savvy .. thanks for the referrals!

and yah .. thanks babe for the support!

roseliza said...

OMG the cupcakes looks aweesoome! Wow the stand with the cupcakes looks classy yeah. The decoration is so cute... really attract the children :D lucky isabelle.... i want that tooo!

lil mi55y

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