Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Am In Love ..

with this song that is .. Akon - Sorry, Put the Blame on Me!

Oh how cool is that?? Taking the blame for anything and everything!

I was thinking of myself and how I would at times take the blame for something that I did not do when I am angry and to apease things. I know I am so prone to doing that.

The song made me ponder about my current situation and also reminisce the past ..

Have I been a good mother to my children?
Have I been spending good, quality time with them??

Of times when I used to quarrel with my mum because of conflicting ideas.
Of times when I used to rebel.
Of times when my mum's heart was hurt for all the stupid things I did.

Mak .. for all the things that I have done wrong I would like to apologise. I know you dont read this but still I want the whole world to know that I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEARTand THANKS FOR BRINGING ME INTO THIS WORLD, THIS DAY, 31 YEARS AGO.

Anyways, I sooooooooo could relate to this song! Love this song! Akon rawks!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Geylang Ramadhan Bazaar

Last Sunday, we went to Geylang Ramadhan Bazaar to check out the scene as well as hunt for food at this once a year Food Mecca!

First stop is the Putu Piring stall @ Banquet, Haig Road. You would always see customers forming a long queue just to get putu piring from this stall. When one really wants to eat it, am sure one is game enough to join in the queue. Small cakes of rice flour dough with gula melaka (palm sugar) topped with coconut .. it is putu piring-licious!

The stall also has a few awards to boot and all were proudly hung on its wall.

Next purchase was Ayam Percik - grilled chicken with spicy sauce. The taste of slightly charred chicken wings plus the sauce was truely just good!

I went to this stall called Boy. Rather cute boys selling these chicken wings and they look Malaysian too .. cute boys .. nice chicken .. always a bonus .. hahah

Otak-otak - fish paste wrapped in banana leaves.

This is another must buy for me. Slightly springy and spicy. Just the way I like it.

Keropok lekor, a long and chewy savoury cake, is a specialty of the state of Terengganu. Made up of fish, flour and seasonings, these are nice eaten hot. Sliced and fried just before serving,it is normally eaten with sauce. This is just one of the snacks that is rather addictive. My kids love them!

A food shopping frenzy indeed!

Colourful drinks


Barbequed wings

You tiao

and many many more. Go on a food hunt there. Lots of food to choose from. You'll be spoilt for choice. But only buy what you think you would eat. Afterall we want the food to end up in our tummies and not the bins right?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sis Is 23 Today!

Ok .. so what did I do earlier? 10 pm and off I went to fetch my cousin, Inah and sis, Rose for supper.

We were indecisive .. couldnt make up our minds where to eat. Newton? Siglap? Changi Road?

In the end, we settled for Siglap and had supper at Mas Ayu! Cuzzie had hot and spicy Tom Yam Noodle and sis ate Kuey Teow Pattaya .. oh yes, we also ordered Chicken Wings which I happily indulged in. Sorry I didnt manage to take pix of the food.

After supper, we walked to the car park, diagonally opposite Mas Ayu, and chatted over ice cream which we bought from the Shell station next to the carpark. Ok .. chillax at the carpark .. how unglam .. but how often do I get to do that? Heck with the place! The thing is how often do I get to chill with cuzzie and sis together!

We had a great time catching up and planning a trip to somewhere nearby towards the end of the year. I am gonna kill them if they back out again this time after cancelling both our planned trips to Krabi and Batam. I am dead serious gerls!!

Today is also lil sis birthday, so at the stroke of midnite, we wished her a happy birthday and I passed her the presents which I had bought on Monday. DVDs to add to her DVD collection.

A picture before saying bye bye to lil sis. Then off I went to send cuzzie back home! Lucky for me we all live close by to each other .. sis at upper boon keng, cuzzie at pipit road and me at bedok .. so it is like on the way and not out of the way!

So once again, on this blog of mine, I wish my lovable, cute, sweet, chubby, gorgeous but ever so temperamental lil baby sister, Rose, a HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!! Have your cake and eat it too .. Muackssssssss!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Supper @ Al Ameen

I had sis and her bestie, Aliza, waiting for me at my workplace today. Sis wanted to chill over at my place while her bestie went to work.

Once Aliza was done with her shift, she came back to my place and we watched Indonesian sinetron, Hikmah. Sis suggested we go for supper, which I wasnt keen at all and she kept persuading me. Hmm .. thanks to her good persuasion skills, I relented.

Just before we left for supper, we took pictures a plenty of us .. heheh

We left home a quarter past ten and drove ourselves to Al-Ameen along Changi Road .

I went throught the menu and just when I thought only Milo Dinosaur exist, there're drinks like Milo KingKong and Milo Godzilla too .. heheh

I ordered Teh Cino for myself, Aliza ordered Milo Dino and sis ordered Milo Godzilla. The difference between KingKong and Godzilla is that the latter is served with double scoops of ice cream .. :-)

We then ordered Murtabak Pizza .. which was just OK .. nothing fantastic

and also two servings of Garlic Naan

Ate one with Keema and

ate the other with Chicken Tikka.

I didnt regret leaving home late to eat supper. We enjoyed the food and drinks, and yeah enjoyed the company of many Indians over there too .. hehe

I looked to my front,

turned to my left and

turned to my right

and all I saw were groups of Indian man and woman. For once I thought I was in India .. ;-)

In a nutshell, Al-Ameen is a good chill place for late night supper. It not only serves Indian food but seafood and Thai as well.

PS. Sis and Aliza - Hey kids, we'll go supper again next time okie?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Makan Kakis Trip to Batam

What do you do when you're off from work on a Saturday?? In the spirit of good fun, I joined the Makan Kakis, to Batam, in search for good food. Yeah all the way to Batam! This group of people are young, hip, cool and happening! I definitely didnt feel out of place hanging out with them.

The group met at #02-29 Harbourfront as early as 9.00 am.

I was greeted by some familiar faces I met during the Darul Ihsan outing, and some of the not familiar ones. So being the people person (uhuk ..) I introduced myself to those whom I havent met.

After getting our boarding passes, checking in and 45 min ferry ride later, we arrived in Batam.

Upon arrival, we were met by our tour guide, Ibu Wati. By then hunger pangs had struck most of us as we had skipped breakfast so we wasted no time and hit out first stop.

All of us boarded the chartered minibus and and headed to Stamina Ocu. Name kinda corny eh - I was like thinking - we go to Stamina Ocu to build/get stamina to last us the whole trip. The tour guide suggested 30 mins there but we wanted more time to savour our Padang Food.

We were served a whole selection of Padang Food with warm white rice! We thoroughly enjoyed the food - different dishes of fish, meat, chicken and vegetable. The grilled food was for me the nicest. The grilled aroma really lifted one's appetite! They were simply yum!

That's us tucking in ..

That's Hana still enjoying her fish when most have given up!

I especially love the fried fermented soya and soya beancurd (tahu tempe) and polished off the whole plate which were kinda left untouched (this kids dont know how to enjoy the goodness of tahu tempe lah .. LOL)

Believe it or not, being famished, we managed to finish eating in less than half an hour .. so much for asking more time to eat at Stamina Ocu .. haha!

After the tummies filled, we made our way to the Barelang Bridge. Wikepedia mentioned that "the bridge is an icon of the local area and is a popular tourism site."

The view from this bridge was simply breathtaking.

There's nothing like having the wind blowing on your face and messing up the hair too.

Some of us enjoying the scenery.

Some of the babes.

Me and the girl who has been secretly admiring me, Hana.

That's the man enjoying the view.

We could haved stay on that bridge longer if not for a fight which broke between two food pedlers. Our safety comes first eh so we boarded the minibus and headed for our next stop.

We spent about an hour at BCS Mall where I bought some cookbooks (what else!) for myself and a top and dress for my angels.

Next was to the Polo shop.

I wasnt really into it. What I was more interested in was the chips and preserved fruits which were being sold outside the Polo shop.

After we were done sightseeing and shopping, we headed for our next makan stop, Golden Prawn 555 for our Seafood Lunch.

We had Gong-gong .. having to use a pick and digging out the treasure out of the shells was a whole lotta fun ..

Sweet and Sour Fish

Chilli Crab .. I will definitely enjoy this more if my dad was there coz he's such an expert at peeling the crabmeat out of its shell .. hehe

Cereal Prawn .. they were not big prawns and I even commented to Hak who was seated next to me that we could literally eat the whole thing .. which I did .. really crunchy stuff ..

Fried Calamari .. I am a calamari fan .. so I enjoyed this one very much ..

Sambal Kangkong

And yah, I have been longing to drink Alpukat so I asked the waitress to bring me one ..

Yum yum .. could have been yummier if it was more concentrated but still I was satisfied coz at long last I got to drink this!

Being full doesnt stop us from taking our jump shots .. It is a MUST shot at all the Makan Kakis outing. It was crazy, we couldnt get a good shot, we laughed most of the time and I almost puke from having to jump and jump.

Last stop for the day was Megamall .. J.Co Donuts and Coffee Here The Makan Kakis Come!!

We had pre-ordered 60 boxes of J.Co Donuts which equates to 720 pieces altogether .. yeah a grand total of 60 BOXES. While the rest of the group, had their drinks and glazzies at J.Co (we had tables reserved for us eh), I went to meet sis and mum who went there separately at A&W. Then I rushed to the supermarket to do a little shopping then back to J.Co to meet the guys again.

I only had a minute with the J.Co crew and boy were they ultra friendly (never fail to smile) and helpful .. really!! First impression definitely counts! Well, packing 60 dozens of donuts was by no mean easy. But the guys at J.Co were awesome!! How not to love them .. you tell me! .. hehe

At 6.30 Batam time, we left Batam for Singapore, each of us carrying bags of J.Co. It was definitely a sight .. people looked at us, but who cares, we got what we went there for .. IT was in the agenda!

While at the Singapore immigration, I had this Japanese fella who asked "What is that?", "Is it nice?", "Where can I get them?". If I had carried my own boxes of J.Co, I would have offered him some .. seriously.

All in all, I had a GREAT time being in the company of the Makan Kakis - Shaz, Aidil, Eja, Faddy, Haq, Hana, her mummy dearest, Aqi, her hubby, NH, Tuty, Liza and Rikka. All of us just clicked even though it was the first makan outing for some of us!

We will be having the next one in November, after Ramadhan and Eid. So watch out the Event space on the right column for more details on that!

To Kak Lily, Izz and Mila - Hope you guys enjoyed the donuts I got you!
To Zoul and wifey - It was nice meeting you guys! Im sure you guys enjoyed them a great deal!

Oh ya .. to those who wish to try J.Co but havent got the chance yet .. no worries aite coz J.Co Donuts and Coffee is J.Coing soon to Singapore!
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