Sunday, February 03, 2008

Breakfast @ Swensen's

Last night while updating my blog, I thought and decided to break our weekly Sunday breakfast ritual today by going out for breakfast instead.

Swensen's weekend breakfast came to mind and so we went the Parkway Parade outlet to eat.

I had checked out the website the last night and when I looked at the kid's menu, somehow, I knew what my kids would order.

There are three sets that the kids can choose from. True enough they pointed to what I had thought they would order!

They ordered the Eggs and Sausages Set - which consisted of two sunny side up eggs, 2 cheese sausages, crispy potato bites, fruit salad and juice.

My kids love eggs, scrambled, hardboiled, sunny side up, so long they are eggs.

I had made up my mind last nite what I wanted to order. I settled for the Hearty American Breakfast Set - which consisted of scrambled eggs, thick slices of french toasts, ham, herbed sausage, hash brown, creamy mushroom and grilled tomato. And this was served with a cup of juice and hot coffee.

The man had Creamy Scrambled Eggs Set (not pictured) which was almost similar to mine minus the ham and his was cheese sausage instead of herbed ones.

Today also marked the man's 39th birthday. Yes, one year short of the big 40. Swensen's do offer birthday promotions and so the man was presented with his FREE ice cream courtesy of Swensen's. The kids sang a birthday song for their Papa and we dug in.

Hmm .. I have never remembered us eating ice cream in the morning. Well, let's just say that TODAY is just exceptional.

To the man - Many Happy Returns to you and enjoy being 39!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

U.D.D.E.R.S Ice Cream

I chanced upon U.D.D.E.R.S Ice Cream today while walking from United Square to Novena Square. Udders is located at the shophouse across a lane to the left of United Square.

An ice cream outlet which could seat a reasonable number of people, it serves a whole variety of home made yum.

I tried about 5 flavours - Cempedak, Vanilla Almond, Pistachio, D24 Durian, Chocolate Marshmallow before I settled for a double scoop of Vanilla Almond and D24 Durian.

You can find specks of vanilla from real vanilla bean and a whole lot of chopped almonds in the Vanilla Almond flavour. I love almond by the way. D24 Durian was equally good, you could smell durian just when you stand over their counter.

My kids being kids opted for Chocolate Marshmallow. Bitter chocolate with a generous amount of marsh, I would say it was good as well - ok maybe it is the fact that I love bitter chocolate too .. ;-)

Here's the price board for the classic ice cream.

Premium ones are charged at different rate.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

I remembered when I was pregnant with my older child, I always want to eat Half Boiled Eggs and Kaya Toast. It was 5 years back that I was introduced to Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Now, every now and then, I never fail to go to Ya Kun Kaya Toast to get my fix when I feel like having it.

I would normally order the normal set of two hard boiled eggs,

kaya toast and

a cup of coffee. I have always loved coffee made by the Chinese.

There were only a couple of times when I ordered French Toast with Kaya, which for me was good, as they arent soggy and oily.

Click here for a list of Ya Kun outlets.
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