Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yummy Donuts and Belated Bday Presents

My head was spinning the whole of today. I felt weak. I had bought bananas yesterday to make some muffins for my guests (they love my muffins) who were supposed to come but the head spin was just weighing me down.

I had to wake up nonetheless. I showered and just after I got ready, they came.

My guests were none other than my fave sis in law, Kak Lily and family. As usual, they didnt come to my place empty handed.

They brought Tihani's belated birthday presents and

Donuts for me!

There is a newly opened donut store called Yummy at Whitesands and sis in law bought some for me knowing my craze over donuts. Thanks sis!

Look, just a few minutes after I opened the box, I am left with this .. hehe .. They were yummy, soft and light. I like the one with the custard filling and topping.

Tihani got herself a Princess Doll and a Magenetic 3-fold Princess Toy! My baby is soooo into princess! Tihani with Auni and her two favourite cousins, Adriana and Aida!

The guests were then served early dinner of murtabak and nasi lemak. After dinner, Kak Lily and I made ourselves busy by making banana muffins! Kak Lily was happy that the muffins turned out how they were supposed to be! Her attempts at her own home have not been that successful. I just love her attitude, she kept trying and will be trying again to perfect it! I think we should have more baking sessions together!

Thanks peeps for coming by and thanks for the donuts and prezzie.

PS. Sis Lily, hope you are happy to receive the measuring cups and spoons and dont forget our date this Tuesday yah!


mamazieza said...

u really luv donats arrr.. hehehe.. and a happy belated besday to your princess...muaaahhhzzzz

eddyboi said...

ive walked passed yummy donuts.. since i live in pasir ris...

havent tried it yet though...

Anonymous said...

we really enjoyed ourselves at yr place...thanks for your hospitality, even with that darned migraine..hope its gone coz im looking forward to dinner tuesday!! n im really happy with the measuring cups/spoons...cant wait to start baking..

Dave Lucas said...

I am SOOOOOO hungry now!

m3rni3 said...

mamazieza - CURRENTLY .. i am a true blue donut lover .. hehee .. and thanks for the bday wish for my angel!

m3rni3 said...

eddyboi - thanks for coming by my blog!

u should try it sometime .. if u love citrus, my sis in law said that the lemon donut is nice.

btw, u joining us to volunteer on 2nd sept??

oh yah .. one more qn? are u stationed at central??

m3rni3 said...

sis lily .. my apologies kalau tak terlayan sangat the other day .. the migraine .. urghh .. really sucks .. BIG TIME!!!

thanks again for the prezzie and donuts!!

i hope i am well enuff later to have dinner with ya .. i'll text u later aite! oh ya, i'd better not forget to bring my camera .. hehee

m3rni3 said...

hi dave lucas

u want some of those donuts??

oh yah .. i like those info u have on your blog .. kewl!

drop by often yah .. :P

FaRaH said...

wah didn't know you are doing some mini business now. congrats hor! Now I no need to order so far lah for my cuppies and liza will not worry so much for her next coming wedding cause her bestfren sister is one hell great cupcake maker! May yr business bloom sis!

Ps: Makan donut tak ajak eh?

MyHeart said...

hai murnie...u bole tengok resepi hershey brownies tu kat my FP

m3rni3 said...

hi farah

how are u and the baby?? hope semuanya sihat .. u look good!

i officially start the mini biz on national day .. teeheehee

sure thing .. kalau berhajat can email me yah .. :-)

amin amin .. doakan ye .. and i also need to work hard and build on my creativity!

oops .. next time i makan donuts again i will ajak k .. LOL

m3rni3 said...

my heart .. thanks, ive seen ur fotopage .. ur daughter is soo cute .. and yep, ive got the recipe .. will try soon insyaAllah ..

yebber said...

A new donut outlet! How's the taste? Looks like the craze for donuts is at its peak now in SG.

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