Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cupcakes Order - 1 & 2

It was Singapore's birthday last Thursday. While getting ready to go to mum's place to watch fireworks, I received a text msg from an unfamiliar number.

The correspondences went somthing like this:
She: Murnie, do you take orders for cuppies? By the way, do you know me?
Me: Erm .. who is that?
She: It is me Rohani from Woodsville. So do you take orders?
Me: How did you know about the cuppies?
She: I read your blog .. you gave me your blog addy the last time remember?!

Hmm .. and so I tried to reflect when was the last I got in touch with her .. it must have been some time early last year and wow, my schoolmate still reads my blog! Thanks Rohani!

That evening, after much a thinking, I replied to her msg and said YES to her order! I told the lovelies in my life about the order and after much encouragement from them, I agreed to it! They knew that this was what I had wanted to do badly .. they knew my love for baking big time!

Rohani, my secondary schoolmate, will be collecting the cupcakes later today and I hope she will be happy with the end result. Rohani left the number of cuppies and creativity to me. So, I made her 16 pcs of chocolate cupcakes with plain white icing and toppers, then put it in a transparent box trimmed with silver ribbons. OH ya, the pink shredded stuff that are placed in between the cupcakes are edible too!

Rohani had placed orders for the cupcakes especially for her friend's engagement .. aww .. sweet isn't she??

I really hope the recipient too will be elated to receive the cupcakes later!

The other time, I also showed pictures of cupcakes that I made for Tihani's birthday to the security officer at work, and then he went "If you are gonna make them cuppies, could you make some for me."

I said "Oh sure, I'll make some for you and you go surprise your fiancee with it". He liked the idea.

These are what I made for the security officer specially for his fiancee. Chocolate cake with lavendar coloured icing and toppers! I hope the fiancee is smitten by his sweetness and his little surprise!

Thank you Rohani and Azhar and Thanks Allah for giving me this opportunity! Is this a start to a mini business that I have always dreamt of?? I really hope it is!


MamaFaMi said...

If the recipients don't like your cuppies, then I don't know what they are thinking/expecting, for I sure love the look of your cuppies. So simple yet so sweet! And the way you packed them (with those pink shredded stuff...r u sure they're edible?!!), don't feel like eating 'em but maybe framed them! ;-) All the best in your mini business...sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit...amin!

m3rni3 said...

Hi mamafami,

I hope they love them as much as I love making them!

Oh yeah .. I swear I didnt know they were edible until the salesperson told me so! They are actually sredded wafers .. yum yum .. ;-)

Thank you mama for the wishes!

Shaz & Aidil said...

oh my! all this while, i assumed you already had a mini business!! i mean, your cupcakes are so exquisitely done! lol. all the best, more orders to come insya'allah =)

btw, that cupcake box is really something. i've not seen a cupcake box before actually.

ILoveYrCuppies said...

Hey,i love yr cuppies & they love it too.Like i said,too bad i didn't get to taste it.But i know it taste as gd as it looked.One thing for sure,i've booked u in Dec to prepare 100++ cuppies for me.And i mean real business. Btw,next in my order list is yr choc muffins.Wait for my text okie.


m3rni3 said...

hi shazaidil

nope nope .. the mini biz baru sahaja nak start .. ;-)

amin amin on more biz as well ..

as for the cupcake box .. i got it from bake-it-yourself (BIY) along bukit timah .. too sweet .. so i had to buy them .. ;-)

m3rni3 said...

hi babe .. good to hear that the recipients love it too!

thanks for your support babe!

alritee, i'll wait for your text then .. ;-)

muackssssssss ..

mamazieza said...

murniiiiiiii.... i luv to look at your cuppies.. and cam mamafami gak.. biar betul yang shredded stuff tu boleh makan.. waaahhh ni dah bagus.. nak soh murnie belikan boleh.. hehehehe...

InsyaAllah.. this will start your business.. pelan-pelan kayuh.. mama doakan... semuga berjaya.. Amin..

m3rni3 said...

mama .. murnie tak bedek .. they are edible .. seriously ..

nak kirim boleh aje .. email me can??

and mama thanks for the encouragement and doa too .. :-)

Raf said...

Hi there! Hopped over from Shaz's site. Nice cuppies. I wanna order some end of this month. How much do u charge per cupake? Maybe you could email me the details at

Thanks ;)


m3rni3 said...

hi raf .. thanks for coming by. really appreciate your presence here.

ive emailed you with regards to the cuppies .. do check your email out .. :-)


Lydia said...

good job! keep it up... & all the best!!

m3rni3 said...

hi lydia

thanks babe .. :P

Anonymous said...

We are having tea party at ma place right...... bring me some cuppies yeah.... the blue with the red and the white cream hahaha

lil sis

m3rni3 said...

lil sis .. i hope you enjoyed your baking and icing the cuppies session yesterday minus the tea party!

apologies for my foul mood yesterday k!

ps .. wahlau eh ..your pink and blue icing very the MMP lah. i cannot stand!!! .. hahahahaha

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