Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cupcakes Order - 5

It is Teacher's Day on 1st September and the school term ends tomorrow. What better prezzie to present the teachers than with a cuppies or two!

I received an order for individually packed cuppies. Chocolate base, white cream, hundreds and thousands and sugar flowers were all that was requested for!

This is a picture of the individual packed cuppies.

I like the fact that it looked simple yet sweet!

Updated on 31/8/2007 - Feedback via sms - Yr cupcake is v v nice .. tks sis!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Satay Kajang

So an afternoon off from work today was spent with my older angel, mum and lil sis. They accompanied me to get my passport renewed before we headed down to Arab Street (shoots .. lucky i realised the validity else I wont be able to go Batam next Sat with the Makan Kakis)

Mum has always wanted to eat Satay Kajang, and the only place we know that serves this (besides Malaysia that is), is at this little cafe on Bussorah Street called Hjh Esah Cafe.

The shop sells quite a fair variety of food .. from nasi campur to noodles to rojak, snacks like banana and cempedak fritters and of course Satay Kajang.

We ordered banana fritters (goreng pisang panas beb),

gado-gado and

hokkien mee.

We also got what we were here for, Satay Kajang, of course.

I tried my first stick of that mutton satay kajang and boy did i fall in love with it .. the marinated skewered meat was just "power to the max"! Anyways, I lurveeeeeeeeee mutton, give me mutton chop, mutton soup, mutton satay .. anything mutton and I can wallop them up like a hungry carnivore .. heh ..

Satay Kajang is special in the sense that no oil is used in the grilling process which equates to a little healthier choice of satay! The satay is a little longer than normal satay and each costs S$0.55 and they do cater for functions too. (i foresee mum ordering satay from this place coz she was the one who asked if they cater for functions .. *crosses fingers*)

So if you wish to try some Satay Kajang, scoot down to Hjh Esah Cafe on Bussorah Street.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Isabelle's 3rd Birthday

It was Isabelle's 3rd birthday last Friday but the celebration was only held earlier today, 5pm at the multi purpose hall over at their residence.

Her dad had text me a couple of days ago to order some cupcakes. But I thought, the cupcakes would be an ideal birthday prezzie from Tita Murnie to Isabelle.

So I made her some chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Iced it with pastel pink and blue cream. Topped it off with coloured sprinkles and also insect wrapped chocolates.

When I reached the party venue, I placed the cupcakes on a disposable 3 tier cake stand. And there the cuppies were .. they stood pretty amidst the array of food that the host had to offer.

Some of the mummies there asked if I take orders and if I had a namecard. Well, yes I do take orders but no I aint got no namecard! Is it time for me to make a namecard?!

Anyways, here are some pictures I took at the birthday party ..

Auni looking bored coz the it rained hence she couldnt swim .. poor baby ..

A girl enjoying the cake till the last bit .. oh yah her pretty face was smeared with the cream too .. hehehe

One for remembrance girls .. before ripping the prezzies open .. Peace .. oh yah, the little bags the girls were carrying on their backs were the goodie bags they received from the birthday girl!

Helium balloons up on the ceiling ..

That's the birthday girl's mummy, Mylene, taking a bite at the cupcake .. gotcha!

Ok enough pictures already ..

So Isabelle, before Tita ends this post, Tita would like to once again wish you a Happy 3rd Birthday

and may your days ahead be as colourful as the icing on the cakes and the balloons above.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Cupcakes Order - 4

Lynd, my lil sister's friend, had a few weeks back ordered cupcakes for her cousin's birthday and engagement party which will be held later tomorrow.

She had specifically requested for white cream, heart shaped quins, rainbow non-pareils and also colored pearls. And so this is what I came up with ..

The cuppies all packed in a box and ready to be delivered ..

And this is it .. view from the top ..

PS. Lynd .. I heard the cuppies toppled! I hope the topple didnt cause alot of damage to the cuppies though! Am wondering if you liked them cuppies?! Feedback yah.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cupcakes Order - 3

Lyssa happened to chance upon my friendster profile and then checked out my blog!

Learning that I took orders for cupcakes, she text me sometime last week, to order cupcakes specially for her boyfriend's 24th birthday. Awww .. sweet isnt she?

The order was for today, and these were what I came up with. I hope she's fine with the cupcakes. I did a blue and red theme cuppies for her boyfriend.

Oh boy, I guess I have to work harder and learn and experiment more on how to decorate cakes for the male species!

I am so inclined to sweet looking, girly girly cupcakes .. duh!

Updated on 24/8/2007 - Feedback via Friendster - I in luv wit yr sweet treats!!! they were satisfying from the lips to da hips! thanx so much!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The ice cream gallery

I Scream
You Scream
We all Scream
For Ice Cream!

Not that I've ever heard the song before, but the lyrics in itself, is way too cool.

Suddenly I heard or read about a whole new line ups of local parlors, like, The Island Creamery, The ice cream gallery, The Daily Scoop, The Raffles Creamery and Tom's Palette .. WOW .. a whole list of ice cream parlors for me to check out .. cool eh ..

I was grocery shopping at Parkway Parade when I had a sugar rush! The word Ice Cream was screaming at me and yeah, I needed my sugar rush fixed right there and then. The watch showed half past 8. I ran to the cashier counter, paid for my groceries and told DH to go to The ice cream gallery at Eastwood Centre. Believe it or not, we reached there just before the shop closes .. phew!

There were alot of flavours to choose from, but I was rather disappointed when the ones that I wanted, - Teh Halia and Lychee, were unavailable. I settled for D24 Durian (been wanting to eat the king of fruit) and Avocado Gula Melaka (been wanting to drink Alpukat, a drink which is always served in Indo restaurants). They were both very nice and creamy.

I particularly love the Avocado Gula Melaka, maybe because of its "lemakness". Everytime, I go to an Indo restaurant/stall, even though the Alpukat drink is on the menu, it is ALWAYS not available. So the Avocado Gula Melaka kind of made up for my crave for Alpukat.

Oh yah, a scoop costs S$2.80 and a double costs S$4.20 .. easy on the pocket, I might add!

So after ice cream, as we were walking to the car parked at Bedok Corner carpark, lil sis asked if I had extra cash with me. She wanted to eat at Bedok Corner. Being the nice sis, we went. Lil sis ate Mee Soto .. it was yummy and not oily ..

and I ordered Satay for all to share.

After chomping food at Bedok Corner, I drove DH and Auni home first (coz it was way past Auni's bedtime) and then I drove lil sis home.

Windows wound down and music blasted, I drove myself home, feeling all happy for there is no better treat than a frozen one .. ahh .. sweetness!!

And happily, I have all the time, to check out all the ice cream parlours that's listed below. Even if I dont have the time, I'll try to make time.

For now,
The ice cream gallery, checked!
One parlour down and more to go ..
- The Island Creamery @ Serene Centre
- The Daily Scoop @ Clementi Arcade
- The Raffles Creamery @ Raffles Hotel,
- Tom's Palatte @ Shaw Leisure Gallery
- Icekimo @ Sin Ming Centre and
- Coldrock @ Holland Village

So tell me what's cooler than Ice Cream? *winks*

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Breakfast at Jalan Kayu

Both DH and I are on our Saturday off today. The plan today was to bring the kids out for breakie (mama also needs a break from preparing breakie on weekends hokay!) at Jalan Kayu and then visit the Animal Farm!

I had long wanted to do this but it never happened (coz DH would rather wake up late .. typical of men in general init??). But today he acceded to my request. So we got up early and drove ourselves to Jalan Kayu. We ate at Thohirah Restaurant. I ordered Nasi Lemak while the kids and DH had Prata - egg, plain and egg with onion. We also ordered our morning coffee and milo for the angels!

That was the Nasi Lemak I had .. look appetising?? Actually, it was not to my liking AT ALL. Simply worded "Tak power!". So I traded my Nasi Lemak for DH's prata .. hehehe ..

That's Auni with her cup of milo waiting for her Prata.

It started to rain while we were having breakie. I was like "Dang, there goes my plan." .. For so very long (a few years already hokay), I had wanted to visit the Animal Farm. I think I was more excited than the kids .. erm .. actually the kids didnt even know that I was going to bring them to the farm anyway!

After breakie, despite the rain, DH still drove us, past the farm. This was the road leading to the farm. At least I know now where the farm is exactly.

Then we decided to check out Seletar Airport.

See the dark clouds .. I was gloomy as those clouds up there (didnt get to go to the farm and feed the animals what!).

And I took pictures of an aeroplane

and another

and that's Air Asia .. I wonder where it was heading to!

I sooo wish I was on that flight! You see, I was supposed to be in Krabi NOW. I had it all planned BUT those dearies who were supposed to go with me cancelled the trip .. waaaaaa .. ;-(

PS: Ohh .. how I hate my cousin and sis, NOW for cancelling the trip! Grrrr ..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cakes from The Royals

As I was driving on ECP on the way home from work today, I felt a sudden urge to have cakes from The Royals Cakes and Pies. Nah .. I wasnt craving for their pies but rather their cakes .. ermm .. their Dark Chocolate Truffle to be precise!!

So instead of taking the Bedok exit, I took the Siglap exit, to of course,get my cake at The Royals branch along East Coast Road.

So I looked at their cake display and went confused. I was spoilt for choice .. there were trays and trays of yummylicious looking cakes, eg. Mango Delight, Strawberry Cake, Carrot Cake and many many more. Just when I told the sales lady that I wanted a bar of Dark Choc Truffle, I changed my mind. What fickle mind I have?! .. hehe

In the end, I settled for their sliced cakes instead .. Dark Choc Truffle, Choc Banana and Black Forest .. one piece each! Did you realise that the cakes I bought all had chocolate in them .. see I am one chocolate freak!

After Maghrib, I drove to mum's place to catch the fireworks display. Just as the fireworks display started, I plonked myself on the shoe cabinet on mum's corridor. The pleasure of eating those cakes, albeit, its high fat contents and watching fireworks at the same time .. perfecto!

Oh yah, did I mention that I ate 93% of the cakes all by myself. Dont ask me how I derived at 93% .. hehe .. Oh, how I love to indulge!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family International Buffet

So what do you do when you have a dinner date? You starve yourself from not eating lunch coz you thought you want to stuff yourself at dinner! Hehe .. and that was what I did!

Sis in law mentioned last Sunday that she wanted to give DH and I a treat! Hmm .. forgot to ask for what reason really .. :-)

Anyways, the dinner date was today. Dinner was at Family International Buffet on the 3rd level of Tampines Mall. It was a double date - sil and her husband and me and DH .. gosh, how long before had I gone on a date?!?!

It has quite a good spread .. better than Sakura International .. my personal thought yah .. and the place is also much better .. more organised and cleaner too.

So I started my meal as usual with a cup of soup .. sharksfin soup to be exact ..

Then I had a plate of tuna and salmon sashimi .. oohh how i love raw salmon .. yummy .. sushi, seaweed and oyster .. oohlala ..each and everything on this plate .. I loikeeeeee!!

Then we stopped for some cam whoring .. that's Kak Lily and me

We then continued eating, and this time, I had a plate of Dim Sum .. some buns, siew mai and lor mai kai ..

Then I had beef steak but dang the meat was overly rare so I couldnt stomach that .. give me raw salmon or oyster ANYTIME but not rare steak .. I just cant .. I didnt bother to take picture of that dish!

Next I chowed down black pepper crab, garlic scallop and steamed fish ..

There were an array of other food which I skipped. I totally skipped the salad section, the fried food section and more ..

See .. the thing about me is I look fat or rather I AM FAT but the tummy could only take that much! So I was done with the food and settled for fruits ..

and a little mousse cake ..

and what better way to finish a hearty meal with a cup of mocha ..

Oh .. how divine .. I was full to the brim .. if I were a balloon, I would have burst! .. hehe

Thank you Kak Lily for the treat. Thanks for bringing us to this buffet place with a sumptuous spread :-P

OH DAMN!! .. I didnt even take the ice cream .. how could I have missed that?!?!?!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yummy Donuts and Belated Bday Presents

My head was spinning the whole of today. I felt weak. I had bought bananas yesterday to make some muffins for my guests (they love my muffins) who were supposed to come but the head spin was just weighing me down.

I had to wake up nonetheless. I showered and just after I got ready, they came.

My guests were none other than my fave sis in law, Kak Lily and family. As usual, they didnt come to my place empty handed.

They brought Tihani's belated birthday presents and

Donuts for me!

There is a newly opened donut store called Yummy at Whitesands and sis in law bought some for me knowing my craze over donuts. Thanks sis!

Look, just a few minutes after I opened the box, I am left with this .. hehe .. They were yummy, soft and light. I like the one with the custard filling and topping.

Tihani got herself a Princess Doll and a Magenetic 3-fold Princess Toy! My baby is soooo into princess! Tihani with Auni and her two favourite cousins, Adriana and Aida!

The guests were then served early dinner of murtabak and nasi lemak. After dinner, Kak Lily and I made ourselves busy by making banana muffins! Kak Lily was happy that the muffins turned out how they were supposed to be! Her attempts at her own home have not been that successful. I just love her attitude, she kept trying and will be trying again to perfect it! I think we should have more baking sessions together!

Thanks peeps for coming by and thanks for the donuts and prezzie.

PS. Sis Lily, hope you are happy to receive the measuring cups and spoons and dont forget our date this Tuesday yah!
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