Friday, February 24, 2006

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

My younger angel made news two days ago, when she was locked in the babysitter's bedroom. Not that the babysitter do not have the key to the bedroom to unlock it but the door was in fact not in a working order.

Auni wailed at the top of her lungs to be let out of the room. She cried and pleaded "Cik open, Dada open, Nenek open, Tok open, Mama open, Papa open." She called out all the names that she remembered/knew. Frantic and panic stricken, the babysitter and her daughter too cried. She then called her neighbour who then called the SCDF for help. While waiting for help to arrive, the babysitter talked and consoled my poor baby.

Soon, help came .. from the fire brigade to the ambulance and the police. The SCDF officers tried to push the door open, it did open but it shut back. The had no choice but to break the door open. The SCDF then tried consoling Auni, "Adik, sabar eh .. abang bukak pintu, k". The babysitter informed that Auni might not understand as she is only 1 and a half year old. Finally they managed to free Auni. They found her sitting and crying and in her hands was a Muqaddam .. Phew ..

She was then checked by the medic who said that she's well and the police also took statements from the babysitter.

What a drama!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Packed Like Sardines

My schedule for last Saturday was rather packed. I went to work in the morning - half day on Sat.

My family was supposed to meet for lunch to celebrate mum's birthday after work. We only decided on the place that very day. After work, hubby and I rushed to Arab Street to recce for makan places. We settled for an Arab Restaurant called Samar on Kandahar Street.

All of us met at the restaurant at about 2.30pm for late lunch. Sneak peak at what my bro and I had. Eldest bro had lamb shank and potatoes.

I had Beef Kofta with Arab bread, something rather light.

After lunch, the whole party of 10 trooped down to Arab Street to jalan2 and we shopped a little. We dispersed at about 6.00pm and headed home.

Next on schedule was to attend a bbq party at East Coast. It was a double birthday celebration for Aliza and Suhailah. This was also a time for me to meet up my cousin Jules and her fiance who had arrived from London the day before. My family left home at 8.10pm for East Coast. Caught up with the birthday gals, cousin, her fiance, sis and frenz. We ate, chatted and took picture.

My day did not end there. Next stop was to meet my ........................................ bed .... hehehe Gotcha. My family head straight home after the bbq, washed up and hit the sack.

To my beloved Mak - Selamat panjang umur dan semoga di beri kesihatan dan rezeki yang melimpah .. Ameen

To Aliza and Suhaila - Happy Birthday gals! Jaga diri .. hiasi peribadi!

To my cuz, Jules - Semoga relationship bersama si dia berkekalan ke jinjang pelamin .. InsyaAllah .. anyway, dun u think its high time for u to ... (u fill in those blanks)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bananas in Pyjamas

Yesterday nite, before going to bed, I browsed thru my recipe books. I saw a banana cake recipe and contemplated to do it. After much contemplation, I got out of bed and went straight into the kitchen and made banana cake. Pretty easy to make. The cake turned out light and fluffy. (View before and after pictures below.)

I brought some to work this morning (pic below) and offered to my 2 colleagues. The first remark both gave was "the cake is moist". They requested for the recipe and i gave to them.

PS .. Dear colleagues .. try making em and bring to work yah .. :-)

Monday, February 13, 2006

The "Versatile" Crepe

On Sunday afternoon, while hubby was doing the household chores, I decided to make myself busy in the kitchen. I decided to make crepes for my angels. Since they wanted to eat eggs for lunch, I served them crepes and scrambled eggs .. more so like brunch eh.

One thing about crepes is that they are pretty versatile. While my angels ate them with eggs, I had them with nutella. I basically just spread some nutella on the crepes and rolled them up.

That was a really light and yummy treat for me!

Friday, February 10, 2006

I Scream, U Scream, We Scream for ...

I have always craved for something sweet and rich. I happen to chance upon an ice cream recipe from one of the food blogs and tried to make my own ice cream yesterday.

I have all the ingredients needed at home. So while waiting for American Idol to start, I made Milo Ice Cream. While I was in the midst of making the ice cream, hubby came into the kitchen and remarked "why must it be chocolate" .. haha. I replied "i am just trying out". OK, darl, the next time, I'll make your fave strawberry ice cream, ok.

Actually one of the ingredients uses choc chips but I substituted it with chopped Milo nuggets. This morning just before I left for work, I snapped a pic of it ..

I have yet to try it so I cant comment on the taste and stuff. I just cant wait to get home and taste my home made Milo Nuggets Ice Cream .. mmm ..

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ouch + Hooray

I was on leave yesterday. Reason being, mum needed to go for her medical check up, hence no one to send my 1st angel to skool and also 2nd angel is due for her 18th mth jab.

So, I woke up as per normal. Then went to mum's place. My hubby fetched mum to the clinic. I fed the angels breakfast, then got the 1st angel ready for skool. After sending big sister to skool, I put 2nd angel to sleep and then cleared some emails.

At abt 1.50pm, we all went to fetch 1st angel from skool, then went straight to Bedok polyclinic for 2nd angel's jab. While the nurse was getting ready to give her the vaccination, my angel just couldnt sit still, she wandered around, stood on the weighing scale, etc. The "time" came .. OUCH .. and she started to wail. I comforted her and soon the wailing stopped. The doc also assessed her 18th mths' ability.

Afterwards, hubby and I brought the kids to McDonald's East Coast. The kids just couldnt wait to go to the playgroud. Both were excited and enjoyed themselves.

1st angel also received an ice cream treat. 2nd angel wasnt interested at all. Thanks to the ice cream - 1st angel's face was a a mess.

At about 6.45pm, all of us went home, tired but elated.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Party's Over

Well .. it aint no big party. Tho it was a small one to mark my hubby's bday, everyone enjoyed themselves.

So on Sat, I woke up early in the morning, did some chores in the kitchen then went out to collect food which I have ordered.

First stop was Haig Road to collect the satay, then dropped by Geylang market to get lontong to eat with the satay sauce. Then went to Bedok South to collect the curry puffs and last stop was to Bedok North to collect the yummy-licous cake from choc-a-bloc.

2.00 pm - there were still lotsa stuff to do.

2.45 pm the first invitee - moi eldest bro n family came. Thank god they came early. They helped moi lay the table .. hehe. By the time the rest of moi family came, the food was ready on the table and without wasting anymore time, they sat and ate.

At abt nearly 5.00 pm, moi hubby's siblings and family came.

5.45 pm - we cut the bday cake, jus before moi 2nd bro left for work.

Moi hubby's siblings left early that day as they had other plans. Moi family stayed on till abt 10pm, and boy did we have a whale of a good time - we sat and bonded, we munched and muched, we chatted, we discussed and not forgetting, we dreamt abt SpringHill .. LOL .. (psst .. sils .. did I get the name rite) .. dream on people .. hahaha

Friday, February 03, 2006

One Year Older ..

My hubby turns 37 today. WHAT?! 37?!?! Wat the heck?!?!?! No worries hubby .. Life only starts at 40 rite!

I only confirmed that I was going to throw him a small bday celebration yesterday nite and today my mind is kinda bz coz I need to think of wat to buy, order and to prepare. It is gonna be more of a tea reception. So invitees .. eat your lunch at home!

Phew .. I managed to order his bday cake and the ever so popular satay from Haig Road ~ TY to my sils for passing me the vendors' contact details.
I also ordered curry puffs from my daughter's babysitter.
My mum offered to bring cocktail jelly and sis will bring sausage cocktails.
I requested for mum in law to fry mee hoon.
My TO DO LIST for tonite - make crab rangoon, konnyaku jelly, corn pudding and perhaps bake strawberry sponge cake for the hubby.
My TO DO List for tomorrow - endless.

Will update again once the party is over.

Dearest Papa .. Happy 37th birthday!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I had some "visitors" who came over to my house last Sunday. They were none other than my sis, Rose and her buddy, Aliza. Waa .. wat should I serve them. I looked in the fridge and kitchen cabinet and in the end, I baked Pizza made of instant prata as the base, made Konnyaku Jelly using Longan and Red Date packet drinks and also tried making Crab Rangoon. I read on the net that Crab Rangoon is served as appetisers in Chinese Restaurants. Cream cheese lovers would definitely luuurve this. Here .. take a peek.

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