Saturday, August 18, 2007

Breakfast at Jalan Kayu

Both DH and I are on our Saturday off today. The plan today was to bring the kids out for breakie (mama also needs a break from preparing breakie on weekends hokay!) at Jalan Kayu and then visit the Animal Farm!

I had long wanted to do this but it never happened (coz DH would rather wake up late .. typical of men in general init??). But today he acceded to my request. So we got up early and drove ourselves to Jalan Kayu. We ate at Thohirah Restaurant. I ordered Nasi Lemak while the kids and DH had Prata - egg, plain and egg with onion. We also ordered our morning coffee and milo for the angels!

That was the Nasi Lemak I had .. look appetising?? Actually, it was not to my liking AT ALL. Simply worded "Tak power!". So I traded my Nasi Lemak for DH's prata .. hehehe ..

That's Auni with her cup of milo waiting for her Prata.

It started to rain while we were having breakie. I was like "Dang, there goes my plan." .. For so very long (a few years already hokay), I had wanted to visit the Animal Farm. I think I was more excited than the kids .. erm .. actually the kids didnt even know that I was going to bring them to the farm anyway!

After breakie, despite the rain, DH still drove us, past the farm. This was the road leading to the farm. At least I know now where the farm is exactly.

Then we decided to check out Seletar Airport.

See the dark clouds .. I was gloomy as those clouds up there (didnt get to go to the farm and feed the animals what!).

And I took pictures of an aeroplane

and another

and that's Air Asia .. I wonder where it was heading to!

I sooo wish I was on that flight! You see, I was supposed to be in Krabi NOW. I had it all planned BUT those dearies who were supposed to go with me cancelled the trip .. waaaaaa .. ;-(

PS: Ohh .. how I hate my cousin and sis, NOW for cancelling the trip! Grrrr ..


roseliza said...

I had no choice to cancelled it yeah cause nobody can cover ma ass at work.... duh! and of ya ma passport is expired lol! SO big sis when are you gone bring me to jalan kayu for breakfast? :D

lil mi55y

m3rni3 said...

sis, see u cant even get someone to cover your ass and so how are we supposed to have breakie at jalan kayu!

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