Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cupcakes Order - 5

It is Teacher's Day on 1st September and the school term ends tomorrow. What better prezzie to present the teachers than with a cuppies or two!

I received an order for individually packed cuppies. Chocolate base, white cream, hundreds and thousands and sugar flowers were all that was requested for!

This is a picture of the individual packed cuppies.

I like the fact that it looked simple yet sweet!

Updated on 31/8/2007 - Feedback via sms - Yr cupcake is v v nice .. tks sis!


mamazieza said...

Murnie.... ni satu lagi casing yang telah mencuri hati dan perasaan mama.... hehehe... so kiut.. pulak ngan cuppies murnie yang simple and sweet tu... cunnnn......kipitappp dear

m3rni3 said...

hehehe .. i have chef tania to thank to .. she was the one who told me where to get those casings!

so do i see orders for cake stand and casings soon?? .. hehe .. email me if you're interested and i'll get it shipped over to you k!

thanks so much mama for your neverending support!


daisy diana said...

hellooo! im one of the girls from the darul ihsan outing.

just dropping by to say hiiiiiiiii!

you were realllly quite that day. compared to meee but anyhoos nice to meet you.

you look so young! and with 2 super cute kids lahh!

m3rni3 said...

heya sweet diana

yep .. yep .. i remember you! thanks for coming by!

yeah .. wished i had more time to mingle with you guys lah .. r u going batam with us dis sat??

that friend of yours .. ermm .. her name starts with the letter S .. i like her lah .. so hyper and ultra bubbly .. hehe ..

i aint young afterall .. but always feel young with you young girls around .. LOL

daisy diana said...

ohh suhaila. hahhahahah omg shes SUPER HYPER . thats why i brought her along. she blends in hahah.


by the time i wanted to go the places were filled sadly. urgghh but you all have a great time okkkkk!

and your recipes loooks sedappp. im gonna try some. hehe.

m3rni3 said...

yes she's like uber hyper and chatty too!

oh .. dats sad .. so you have to be quick at reserving a place for the next makan kaki event k! .. hehehe

pls do try the recipes i have on my blog and feedback aite!

beezara said...

Hi Murnie,
I wd like to know where can i get the casings for cupcakes as those in yr blog (individual and also 4's) and the small flower on top.

I m new at this n wud like to try out some deco on cc....thanks in advance

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