Friday, August 17, 2007

Cakes from The Royals

As I was driving on ECP on the way home from work today, I felt a sudden urge to have cakes from The Royals Cakes and Pies. Nah .. I wasnt craving for their pies but rather their cakes .. ermm .. their Dark Chocolate Truffle to be precise!!

So instead of taking the Bedok exit, I took the Siglap exit, to of course,get my cake at The Royals branch along East Coast Road.

So I looked at their cake display and went confused. I was spoilt for choice .. there were trays and trays of yummylicious looking cakes, eg. Mango Delight, Strawberry Cake, Carrot Cake and many many more. Just when I told the sales lady that I wanted a bar of Dark Choc Truffle, I changed my mind. What fickle mind I have?! .. hehe

In the end, I settled for their sliced cakes instead .. Dark Choc Truffle, Choc Banana and Black Forest .. one piece each! Did you realise that the cakes I bought all had chocolate in them .. see I am one chocolate freak!

After Maghrib, I drove to mum's place to catch the fireworks display. Just as the fireworks display started, I plonked myself on the shoe cabinet on mum's corridor. The pleasure of eating those cakes, albeit, its high fat contents and watching fireworks at the same time .. perfecto!

Oh yah, did I mention that I ate 93% of the cakes all by myself. Dont ask me how I derived at 93% .. hehe .. Oh, how I love to indulge!

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