Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cupcakes Order - 3

Lyssa happened to chance upon my friendster profile and then checked out my blog!

Learning that I took orders for cupcakes, she text me sometime last week, to order cupcakes specially for her boyfriend's 24th birthday. Awww .. sweet isnt she?

The order was for today, and these were what I came up with. I hope she's fine with the cupcakes. I did a blue and red theme cuppies for her boyfriend.

Oh boy, I guess I have to work harder and learn and experiment more on how to decorate cakes for the male species!

I am so inclined to sweet looking, girly girly cupcakes .. duh!

Updated on 24/8/2007 - Feedback via Friendster - I in luv wit yr sweet treats!!! they were satisfying from the lips to da hips! thanx so much!!


nor said...

wat a lovely cuppies. !

Anonymous said...

Chey CHey chey thats a nice cuppies :D

lil sis

lyssa fizzy said...

your cuppies are love. :)

roseliza said...

I want lotsa cuppies for ma birthday ok sis.. i want the cream to be pink, yellow, green, purple and BLEU more blue i mean dark dark blue!!!! :D

Lil mi55y

Shaz & Aidil said...

your decorations are definitely festive! and you have an eye for colour. very lawa =)

m3rni3 said...

m3rni3 to nor - thanks for the compliments! i dont have much of a skill so need to brush up on that!

m3rni3 to lil sis - yah but your bday falls in the mth of ramadhan .. why do want lotsa cuppies then .. heheeh

m3rni3 to lyssa - thanks babe. really hope you liked it. and yah did fazli enjoy the cakes too??

m3rni3 to shaz&aidil - festive eh .. LOL

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