Sunday, March 30, 2008

BBM - Little Things

First and foremost, I would like to apologise to Melody of Trap Door for not putting this up any earlier.

My younger girl dropped my precious Exilim hence had to wait for my man who was out of town to come back with our old Canon to take pix of the package.

I sure am glad to receive the package!!! Who wouldnt? I swear I love everything that was put in the package.

It was two Fridays ago when I got home and saw the package on my dining table. I knew that was my BBM package.

I ripped the box off and nice scent enveloped the WHOLE BOX!! YES, it came from something that I longed for. Will talk abt it later in this post.

Here was what Mel had included in the package:-

- a very nice frame, love the picture
- a scrap book with recipes
- and a cute lil card. cute init?

Next, Mel included:-

- a couple of spatulas
- a huge basket cookie cutter
- coasters
- a nice lil table cloth

My specifications mentioned about me being a sucker for dark choc and Mel had taken note of that and sent me:-

- dagoba organic chocs. one was dark choc chilies and nibs and the other was dark choc lavender essence and wild blueberries.
- guittard cappucino chips. i so cant wait to start baking cookies or muffins using these chips.
- lindt bugs and bees chocolates for my daughters. ooh how thoughtful.

That is not all. Remember the scent I got when I opened the box. It came from these ..

YESSSSSS .. vanilla beans .. can MEL read my mind or what?!?! I longed to purchase them but seriously I do not know where I can them from and even if I can get it will definitely cost a bomb! This is my current most prized possession!!! I am just so thrilled to receive this .. really!!

Thank you Mel for the package. I sure love them all - from your favourite ingredient - vanilla - which happened to be mine too and to my other treats!!

Thanks to Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness too for hosting yet another BBM!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Mr Prata @ 26, Evans Road

It is Good Friday today. The man had left for Cameron Highlands yesterday and I am left with the kids at home. Made plans with my brother to bring the kids out.

Brother drove us to Mr Prata to fill our tummies first. I went WHOA when I looked at the menu. Over 30 varieties of prata alone.

We sat alfresco, ordered our food and drinks.

Sis in law had Tissue Prata

The kids had Egg Prata

Sis had Butter Prata and

the adventurous yours truly had Maggi Prata. Maggi noodle with chopped onions and eggs, encased in cripsy and light prata.

We headed to to Go-Go Bambini after breakfast and the kids had a whale of a good time!

Oh yah, and the mummies had their share of fun too. We had our toenails done!
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