Friday, June 29, 2007


Woohoo .. it is Friday today .. the weekends here!!

Nothing to update really. On the way to send Auni over to the babysitter's, Auni had put on Tihani's baby Gap shades coz she said "Mama, got sun!". I took my camera and started snapping.

My baby's cute, isnt she?!?! .. Vain ..

After work today, I met Izz at Coffee Bean, Boat Quay to chill and unwind. Gosh, it had been ages since we last went to Boat Quay. That place used to be our hangout place before we got married .. hehehe

We had Ice Blended with non alcoholic Tiramisu .. fattening .. but then, anything to make us, two ladies, HAPPY!!

Am I right Izz??

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Roast

Earlier today my sis, Rose, called to say that she wanted to come over. I forbade her .. hehehe .. she had been pestering me to make her Sunday Roast or more like Sunday Chicken Roast.

After some negotiations, I relented. She and her best fren, Aliza, had to go buy the ingredients needed. We settled for Roast Chicken, Yorkshire Pudding, Whipped Potato, Asparagus and Broccoli.

When they reached, we prepared dinner together right away.

We peeled potatoes, boiled and mashed them. Added dallops of butter, salt and pepper and oopsie .. i forgot I had to add milk but the mash still tasted good nonetheless. We also made brown sauce to go with the mash.

Then we made Yorkshire Pudding using the mix that sis had bought the last time she went to London. Errr .. we failed again this time .. we just cant get the right thing .. I do not know really where we went wrong .. sigh.

Sis had bought premarinated chicken legs. It was easier for me, in the sense that I do not have to marinate the chix and stuff .. told ya .. I didnt wanna do this but sis insisted. Placed the chix on wire rack then on baking tray and then baked them.

When the chicken were almost done, I steamed the asparagus and broccoli. (next time, i'd rather just blanch the veg and then transfer them in icy cold water so as to retain the crispness and green-ness)

When everything's done, we plate them and ate early dinner! I, who initially didnt wanna make the Sunday roast was happy myself .. guess becoz the tummy was filled.

After dinner, sis Rose and Aliza went out to buy a VCD entitled My Heart (an Indo movie) and we watched. While watching VCD, I served the girls dessert which I had prepared in advance and placed in the fridge - Choc Chip Ice Cream with crushed Hanuta .. mmmm .. yum yum ..

Thanks sis Rose and Aliza for coming by for Sunday Roast. So when are u guys coming again???

And yah thanks too for cleaning up after dinner .. ehehehe

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Auni's Bday - 2nd Celebration

After meeting Izz yesterday, I went home. After Maghrib, DH and myself brought Tihani and Auni to my brother in law's place @ Pasir Ris.

That morning, when my sil Lily read my blog, she found out about Auni's bday and then text me "Happy Birthday to Auni - from kakak Diana, kakak Aida and your very forgetful Auntie Lily". She then called and invited us over to her place.

So we went to her place yesterday nite to celebrate Auni's bday a second time .. lucky Auni!

They had bought Auni an ice cream cake from Swensen's and so of course there was another cake cutting and candle blowing ceremony for Auni.

Snapped a picture before Auni blew the candles .. from left to right .. Filzah Tihani, Aida Sofea, Auni Faizah (the bday gal) and Ira Adriana ..

So what's after candle blowing .. of course no time was wasted, Kak Lily cut the cake for all of us to enjoy.

Sil Lily also prepared some snacks for us! Kak Lily, made yummy curry puffs using puff pastry .. Ive never tried making anything using puff pastry before .. maybe one day, I will.

Oh ya, I also told Kak Lily that she can make those using instant prata too, using brand like Kawan or Chinatown .. ;-)

To Adriana, Aida Sofea, Kak Lily and Abg Amie .. thanks for being so thoughtful, inviting us over and buying a cake for Auni .. and yah thanks for the hong bao too!

We really appreciate your sincerity and thoughtfulness .. ;-P

Friday, June 22, 2007

Life's Little Pleasures ..

is like buying a nice smooth cheescake and eat it too .. yummeh ..

I was on leave today and what better way to spend it than with my best friend, Izz.

We met and went to the airport and spent time together just sitting for hours at Coffee Bean and enjoying each other's company & chatting over a large cup of latte.

Before we settled ourselves comfortably at Coffee Bean, we had brunch at Popeye's. Here are some pix of us .. Vain huh??

Then we walked around the shops and I bought myself a pair of earrings and a bangle. We then went to Times and browse throught some books they have there. Izz had wanted to get a book entitled How To Talk to Anyone and was contemplating to buy it. In the end, she didnt.

After that, we went to Coffee Bean and we talked about our lives and about customers we met at work .. hmm .. tried not to talk about work but couldnt help ourselves .. well, at times we just need to let of steam ..

We did not just drink coffee but also ate warm brownies .. it was just delish!

Here are some candid shots of us ..

Some posed pictures of us .. hehe .. we just love to take pictures don't we??

And while we were there enjoying life's little pleasures, I was still thinking about Izz and the book she wanted. I excused myself, walked to the bookstore and bought the book which she had wanted .. I knew she wanted it sooo bad ..

Izz was happy and felt rather out of place when I passed her the book .. little things I would do to make a best friend happy .. ;-)

Izz - I hope you enjoyed our meet up earlier and happy with that little gift from me .. enjoy reading yah .. cheers gerl!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

E-Prezzie(s) for Auni ..

Auni received something via my email from Unkle eat ..

She has yet to see these but the mummy has and loved it big time!

Here is one ..

And here is the other one ..

Kewl init??

Thank you so very much eat for Auni's e-prezzie!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Auni Turns 3 Today!

Happy birthday to you .. Happy birthday to you .. Happy birthday to Auni .. Happy birthday to you!

Gosh she made Tihani and I sang again and again while we were travelling in the car .. hehehe

My baby, Auni, turns 3 today!

I went to work in the morning to clear some urgent work, then rushed to the refraction clinic coz Tihani had a 10 am appointment to check on her eyes.

That's the kids at the refraction clinic while waiting for Tihani's queue.

After a long consultation, the verdict - Tihani has astigmatism and needs to wear a specky FULL TIME now in order for her astigmatism to be corrected .. lol ..

After seeing the optometrist, we brought the kids to Vivo City for lunch at the Chicken Rice shop. Sneak at what we had ..

After lunch, I got DH to bring the kids to play at the playground and I went shopping .. I bought 1 top from Pull and Bear and 1 top from Fox.

Then we rushed for Auni's 3pm development appointment at the clinic ..

And after that, I shopped again .. bought 3 tops from Pepper Plus.

The kids wanted ice cream! We were indecisive .. Haagen Dazs @ Siglap or Swensen's @ Marina?? We settled for Marina.

Before we even got to Swensen's, I went to Dorothy Perkins and bought 1 pair of pants .. hehehe

What the hell was wrong with me today? I thought I had become a shopaholic for A day!

We then brought the kids to Swensens to have ice cream .. ordered a Volcano Ice Cream for Tihani and a piece of ice cream cake for Auni and sang her a birthday song again and again and again .. hahahaha ..

OK .. here's my tribute to Auni .. took a lot of pix of her .. so here I am sharing with readers, pix of my angel, Auni.

That's Auni dipping fries in tartar sauce .. the exact me when eating fries .. ;-p

After ice cream, we went to Fox Kids and I bought Auni a top .. dats her receiving her gift .. look at her expression .. she went WAHHHHHHHHH .. happy huh!

Just as I told DH to leave Marina and head home, I found myself in Mango and then found myself at the cashier soon after with 3 tops .. ehehe

I didnt stop there .. I bought a watch for myself too from 25 Hours!

After 8 tops, 1 pants, 1 watch and my budget busted, we all went home!

Did I say, Auni made us sing birthday song again while on the way home ...

Anyways, once again HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY darling Auni!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Banana-Cue and Camote-Cue

I had promised Tihani and Auni to bring them for a swim since last week. This morning I called my buddy, Jun, to ask if I could bring the kids for a swim over at his place.

Jun was available so I took half a day off and went back home to fetch the kids. Hmm .. Auni took her nap just as I was about to leave to Jun's place, so I had no choice but to just bring Tihani alone.

When I reached his place, I went to the kitchen to see what the Yaya (maid) was doing and I was soooooooo happy when I saw her making banana-cue. Oh gosh, how I so wanted to learn how to make those. Once ready, I was served tea ..

Hell yeah .. banana-cue ..

and camote-cue (sweet potatoes).

They were ohhhhhhhh so delicious .. caramelised bananas and sweet potatoes .. I couldnt ask for more .. hehehe

After tea, Jun and I, brought our daughters down for a swim.

Look how happy Tihani was once she got herself wet in the pool ..

And that's Isabelle and Tihani having a splashing good time ..

Oh ya .. it rained heavily while the girls were in the pool, but I just let them swim. Well, when will Tihani ever get the chance to play in the rain?!?! I thought that was the best opportunity ever! She has got to experience playing in the rain once in her kid's life right?!

After two hours in the pool, we went back up. I then ordered MacDonald's. And while the kids were having their meal and played with toys, Jun, his wifey and myself sat on the comfy couch and watched DVD - The Pursuit to Happyness - a real good movie featuring Will Smith and his son! Go catch it if you havent!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trip to KL (2 - 4 Jun 07)

I went for a trip to KL with DH from 2 - 4 Jun. We took a coach there and stayed at Istana Hotel.

The reason I went there was to attend a friend's wedding - Eda and Farish .. Congrats on your wedding guys!

This is me at the hotel's lift lobby on the way to the wedding .. gosh look how chubby I've grown .. gotta do something about it I suppose .. hehe

That's the king and queen for a day on the wedding dais ..

Ok enuff about the wedding, let's see some of things I ate when in KL.

The first day we were there, DH and I ate at Lot 10 food court and I ate Chicken Ramen and Gyoza .. simple and nice ..

That's me again at the lift lobby again before we went to KLCC.

Oh ya .. that's KLCC by day .. I snapped this pic while I was in a cab on the way to my friend's wedding.

and that's KLCC by night taken near the hotel vicinity ..

Hmm .. me and my donut craze .. I got all excited when I saw Dunkin Donuts at the basement of KLCC ..

I just couldnt resist temptations and bought half a dozen .. yummeh ..

Wanna see what I had for breakfast at the hotel on the last day I was there??
Here it goes ..

Congee with its condiments

Fried noodle, with sunny side up egg, tomoto with ground pepper and turkey ham .. slurp ..

and last but not least, I had some danish pastries with a hot cuppa .. heaven ..

Well, overall though tiring, I enjoyed the trip.

The next time if there's opportunity, I would loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee to go for an ultra relax trip to somewhere .. where I can jus sit and chill by a nice beach, read a good book and indulge myself in a spa package! .. I wonder when is that gonna be??
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