Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family International Buffet

So what do you do when you have a dinner date? You starve yourself from not eating lunch coz you thought you want to stuff yourself at dinner! Hehe .. and that was what I did!

Sis in law mentioned last Sunday that she wanted to give DH and I a treat! Hmm .. forgot to ask for what reason really .. :-)

Anyways, the dinner date was today. Dinner was at Family International Buffet on the 3rd level of Tampines Mall. It was a double date - sil and her husband and me and DH .. gosh, how long before had I gone on a date?!?!

It has quite a good spread .. better than Sakura International .. my personal thought yah .. and the place is also much better .. more organised and cleaner too.

So I started my meal as usual with a cup of soup .. sharksfin soup to be exact ..

Then I had a plate of tuna and salmon sashimi .. oohh how i love raw salmon .. yummy .. sushi, seaweed and oyster .. oohlala ..each and everything on this plate .. I loikeeeeee!!

Then we stopped for some cam whoring .. that's Kak Lily and me

We then continued eating, and this time, I had a plate of Dim Sum .. some buns, siew mai and lor mai kai ..

Then I had beef steak but dang the meat was overly rare so I couldnt stomach that .. give me raw salmon or oyster ANYTIME but not rare steak .. I just cant .. I didnt bother to take picture of that dish!

Next I chowed down black pepper crab, garlic scallop and steamed fish ..

There were an array of other food which I skipped. I totally skipped the salad section, the fried food section and more ..

See .. the thing about me is I look fat or rather I AM FAT but the tummy could only take that much! So I was done with the food and settled for fruits ..

and a little mousse cake ..

and what better way to finish a hearty meal with a cup of mocha ..

Oh .. how divine .. I was full to the brim .. if I were a balloon, I would have burst! .. hehe

Thank you Kak Lily for the treat. Thanks for bringing us to this buffet place with a sumptuous spread :-P

OH DAMN!! .. I didnt even take the ice cream .. how could I have missed that?!?!?!


SANDRA said...


liezawati said...

i've been to family international buffet at tampines mall, good array of food but rather pricey for dinner. better to go during lunch but dont go weekend. should have a wider selection of dessert, though.

m3rni3 said...

hi sandra - im murnie and that's lily, my sis in law and yes she works at the airport .. :-)

care to introduce yourelf?

and yah .. thanks for coming by my blog!

hi liezawati - thanks for your being here at m3rni3. i am actually a sucker for desserts but yesterday i was too full i didnt even see wat desserts they have. those mousse cakes are what my sis in law took and i took a piece from her.

thanks for the advice on never to go on a weekend .. :-)

SANDRA said...


m3rni3 said...

hi sis didi@sandra

ive relayed your msg to sis lily. she hasnt got internet access for a couple of days now due to some virus.

she's equally excited to know that you found her here thru this blog and she has requested that u email her thru her SQ email.

ok dats all for now .. jenguk2 lah slalu ke teratak m3rni3 .. ;-)


eddyboi said...

wow!!! i looked at the salmon, i got all excited!! heheheh.. I LOVE salmon!!!!

YIP... i'm from central fire station... knw anyone there?

eddyboi said...

regarding the volunteer gathering on the 2nd of september, im working... so its a miss for me...

Murnie said...

hey eddy

i love jap food .. sushi and sashimi .. i loikeee .. i can eat loads of salmon sashimi at one sitting .. *drools*

ahh .. cant join us on 2nd .. its ok lah .. next time perhaps .. shaz and aidil are really something .. just love their attitude big time!

so u're at central?? im working like up the hill on canning rise .. :-)

oh yah .. the polo guys .. how'd u manage to get the boys wear all the same .. kudos to u .. hehehe

hana said...


jumpa kat blog!!


shhh.... takmo bilang orang pat tempat kerje k.... ;p

m3rni3 said...

i soo wont tell the people at work .. promise!! dat'll be our little sekwet k .. hehehe (niways, i dont really talk to the peeps there .. i love my new or not so new workplace lah) walaupun geng2 nya adalah kakak2, satu brader dan ustaz2 .. LOL ..

hana said...

pat sana lagi releks eh? kalau ada tempat kosong, i nak mintak transfer ah... assistant to ustazah ke... LOL!

m3rni3 said...

releks?!?! ada kah word itu ada dalam kamus saya?!?! actually kalau tak ramai public relek jugak lah .. hehe .. here we do both administrative and customer service .. customer service i loike .. and the registrar now allows me to handle projects .. lagi i loike .. :-))
otherwise work would be like monotonous lah ..

anyway, u nak jadi assistant pada ustazah mana .. yg ada cuma ustaz?? unless u yg jadi ustazah, i boleh jadi assistant .. LOL

hana said...

kalau i jadi ustazah, haii, kiamat lah nampaknye, lol!

nad said...

hi murni!

i came across this blog from hana's blog. i'm nad. umm. we've met before. you came to my dad's place for hari raya? and i was breastfeeding my little girl there? we talked about breastfeeding and pumping? and we met again at my brother's wedding? and you have the same name as my sil? shuuuuuusssssssshhhhh. heh.

i thought you were the blogging sort and i thought right! heee! :)

m3rni3 said...

hana .. who knows terbuka hati nak change .. tup tup for all we care, you jadi ustazah .. hehehe ..

izad nie muka dia very the familiar lah .. tapi di mana yah kita pernah jumpa .. is he in the civil service industry too?? sape lah tahu pernah attend sama course ke??

m3rni3 said...

nad .. we've met?? at your dad's place?? and bro's wedding?!?! and your sil has the same name as me??

im such a forgetful woman lah .. i cant recall a thing .. and i talked about breast feeding and expressing?? (oh how i miss breasfeeding .. even now when my angels felt like suckling i let them suckle .. LOL .. i miss breastfeeding dat bad) .. shhhh .. jgn bilang orang tau .. ahhaha

pls pls pls nad .. reveal your identity .. else i cant sleep tonite leh .. hehehe

nad said...

okay murni, final hint. my father used to work at your present work place. he's retired now. but he comes back occasionally to cover some of the staff. you and your colleagues went to his place during hari raya. yes? yes? ring any bell?

m3rni3 said...

like OMG .. those final hints were such a giveaway .. and now i neednt count sheep to slumber land .. i can sleep peacefully now .. ;-) .. thank god!

im happy we met here .. wats your blog anyway?? gosh .. this world is indeed small init??

are u still on NPL???

ps. and your dad, my ex boss whom i adore calling "atok", must not know i have a blog k .. hush hush .. dats our secret aite? .. hehehe

nad said...

donch worry. you can rest easy. 'atok' is not into blogs. heh heh.

i wont call what i have a blog. it's on multiply. nadmakhuda.multiply.com

and yes, i'm still on npl, til the end of this year. starting work again in january next year.

about your post - family international bufffet is better than sakura? i MUST MUST MUST go there before ramadhan starts!!

Shaz & Aidil said...

omg like eddyboi, i was drooling at the salmon pics. ooooOOOOoooooOOOO the food looks super. have been meaning to check out the buffet. dim sum, shark's fin, sushi = all my fave foods.

imagine if the 3 of us were to sit down to a purely salmon sushi/ sashimi buffet. *shakes head* wonder who will outlive, outlast, outeat! lol.

m3rni3 said...

WAH .. nah, you're still on NPL .. not fair!! .. hehehe

ive visited your multiply .. lotsa pix .. love viewing!

and yep go try the family intl buffet and feedback aite!

PS. i miss the time when atok would just come by our worstations and starts singing oldies! .. :P

m3rni3 said...

shaznaidil .. dont need to imagine lah .. come lets go! im game for it .. hehehe ..

eddyboi, u game to have sushi/sashimi buffet?!?! .. LOL

gogogo27 said...

hey nice blogs ha… have a nice day..^_^

m3rni3 said...

hi gogogo27

thanks for coming by and for the compliments too!

drop by often yah.


Anonymous said...

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