Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another, In Loving Memory of ..

Aunt - Rubiah bte Siragali who passed away yesterday, Friday, 27 Apr 07 @ 6.25 pm.

My schedule was kind of packed yesterday.
I went to work in the morning then went to Changi Women's Prison for a Community Involvement Project at 3pm then baking class at 7pm.

We just drove off from the carpark for my baking class when I received a call from mum to inform that Aunt Yayah has just passed away.

I did not cry .. I felt numb for a little while not knowing what I should do next.
So we decided, husband was to detour to fetch Auni then send her back home then we were supposed to go straight to the hospital.

So while hubby and I were on the way to the hospital, I called Faiz on his mobile but there was no answer. I thought hey he must be riding his bike on his way to the hospital.

Then suddenly I started to think again. He might be sleeping at home. I tried again his mobile and then home phone then he answered. My sense was right - he was indeed asleep. These were our conversation:

Faiz: Hello
Me: Faiz, are u asleep?
Faiz: Yah, im so lethargic.
Me: Faiz, mum has passed away.
Faiz: Kak Nani .. (pause) .. are you sure?
Me: Yah, I cant be joking!

I knew when he asked me whether I am sure .. it was not that he think I was joking but I know he was in disbelief!

So I fetched him first then we headed straight for the hospital. We saw Aunt Yayah and then settled the necessary documentations. Then claimed the body from the mortuary and then a casket company van was ready to sent Aunt Yayah back to another aunt's place.

Faiz ever asked me once "Kak Nani, have you ever heard Gramma saying that if possible she wants Mak to go first before her?? Reason being she doesnt want Mak to be a burden to other people."

Exactly 15 days after Gramma passed away, Aunt Yayah (Gramma's youngest daughter) passed away. Even though Gramma left this world first before Aunt Yayah, I could feel the strongest bond between the two of them that they left this world just weeks apart of each other.

I really wonder how Faiz is taking it or feeling it. He may not really think about it with family and friends around him just now but I am sure he will feel lost when he is alone. I could already visualise it .. he used to going back home with Gramma and Aunt Yayah around and now he would be going back to an empty home.

Gosh .. my heart goes out to him! Losing a father at the age of 5 then lost Gramma 2 weeks ago and now his mum!!! It will be painful for him!! It could be too much for him to handle.

Whatever it is, I know that I will be there for him. I promise myself that!

I have offered him to live at my place and I hope he will take that offer! I can't bear to see him "suffer" next!

Whatever it is .. semoga Allah mengampuni almarhumah dan memberi kesabaran kepada kami semua .. Amin.

It is 4.15 now .. I'll take a short nap .. need to be at my Aunt's place by 7 am.

PS - Dear readers, due to some circumstances, I havent been posting anything about food. My thousand apologies!


jun said...

been here for awhile...sorry bout ur loss

Lydia said...

Sorry to hear that... my condolences for the loss of your grandma & aunt. take care.

marina said...

Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yg memikulnya(Paiz). It has been quite a roller coster for the family eh.

FaRaH said...

Salam Takziah to u and yr family...

siti said...

Salam takziah ... semuga Allah mancucuri rahmat keatas roh mereka...

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