Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dinner @ Mak's Place

No it was not at Mak's as in mum's place. It is Mak's Place - The Hawkerant, serving restaurant food at hawker prices! Yeah we had dinner there and this hawkerant serves a wide variety from western food to porridge to noodles and seafood.

I have been craving for seafood dinner. DH had promised to bring me there to eat. I brought mum and Liza along as well.

And these were what we had ...

Sweet and Sour Sliced Fish

Crispy Cereal Prawn

Hotplate Tofu

Crispy Baby Squid

And a couple of vegetable dishes - Beef Kailan and Sambal Kangkong!

The look of satisfied gerls after a big, hearty meal!

Dats sis Rose and Auni ..
Dats mummy dearie

And dats Tihani ..

Delectable food, generous portions and affordably priced! I am one stuffed woman .. BURP! .. oops .. excuse me!


FaRaH said...

Wei....early2 makes ppl hungry with the pics of your delicious foods hor...Y I never asked me along...*sob sob*

m3rni3 said...

hahaha .. sorry i made your tummy rumble over the pics ..

hv u tried mak's place b4? if u havent, i think it is worth a visit .. nah not i think .. IT IS worth a visit!

mae said...

Oh, what a feast! Yes, about the portions... they do look big. Looks great. I wish i was there... :)


m3rni3 said...

Hi Mae

Thanks for taking some time to come by my blog!

If ever you have a chance to come to Singapore, I'd be glad to bring you to this hawkerant for a nice feast!


Anonymous said...

Yeah the food are nice there(recomemded by me of course) lets go there again this sunday i wanna eat the kuey teow cockles ok im so craving for that. :D

m3rni3 said...

ok ok .. thanks for the recommendation! THIS SUNDAY?!?! they will be closed .. it's CNY .. remember?

next time perhaps! .. ;-)

putri said...

Hi! Love the yummy pics of the mak's place u took. I add ur link in my cbox for my blog visitors to see.. I'm also a foodie too. If u have more yummilicious HALAL food places, inform ME!! thks! great job! ..putri


putri said...

oopss...sorry typo error..

m3rni3 said...

hi putri

thanks for coming by.
food at mak's is definitely syiok!
even my mum enjoys them so much.

we are foodies!!

visited ur blog already. great site. food galore. more makan places to check out. yayness!!!

thanks for sharing. oh yah not forgetting, hv a wonderful 2008!

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