Saturday, September 01, 2007

Movie and Lunch Date with the Kids of Darul Ihsan

I am all excited now! Sunday comes in 2 days time .. hmm .. 1 day to be precise (the clock shows 3.12 am now)!! Some 20 volunteers, mostly blogmates whom I met online and have never met face to face before are going to bring 45 kids from Darul Ihsan to watch a movie and have lunch!

We are going to watch Ratatouille at Shaw Prince Cinema before heading down to Arab Street to lunch at Cafe le Caire. But before lunch we will go to the nearby Sultan Mosque for prayers.

I am amazed what blogger can do - I got to meet the most beautiful people .. these really big hearted people - their support, their efforts, their contributions .. whoa .. i am just speechless.

We have generous people who gave cash donations, a restaurant which charges S$6 per pax for lunch and also received full sponsorship of S$800 from a law firm - good job Shaz and Aidil!

We are also doing a personalised goodie bag for the kids too. My instant reaction when I heard about the goodie bags was to contribute something .. and I did what I do best - bake cookies! In fact, I am just done with baking and packing all of the cookies .. hehehe

I may not bake the most delicious and yummilicious cookies but I do hope that the kids appreciate and enjoy it nonetheless!

These cookies will go to Eja aka the goodie bag girl later today!

For now, I shall wait patiently for Sunday to come, to have a terrific time with the kids .. to bond and to get to know them better!

PS - Thanks lil sis for coming by to help me pack the cookies. Your assistance is very much appreciated! What?!?!? Ice cream treat?!?!?! Okay!


Anonymous said...
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helldove said...


those cookies & packaging simply looks delectable =) and according to (quick) updates from greenmoneypenny, it really looks to me like you guys had a great time =)

looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

cheers w luv,

MyHeart said...

hai m3rni3!

wut happen to the cupcakes box yg i order tu??? ade tak?

Shaz & Aidil said...

the cookies were really gorgeously packed! like those in professional bakeries! bet they taste yummy...i can imagine the kids snacking on them at night or smthg! and like hana said, can't wait to see u again on sat! =)

m3rni3 said...

hi hana ..

mucho gracias!

oh yes we definitely had a great time no no .. not just great .. we had a blast!

i wish i had more time to mingle with the other kids and volunteers but i was concentrating on ma girls!

so babe, i see u this saturday aite!

m3rni3 said...

oh my heart ..

sesungguh i have bought the cupcake box hanya belum berkesempatan to mail it out .. will do so by end week ok ..

so tunggu ...

m3rni3 said...

hi shaz

huh .. mcm kat bakery ke?? *blush*

yep yep .. i hope this time round more time will be spent to mingle with u guys!

cant wait for sat!! ..
omg, i almost forgot, i need to collect my passport later and update aidil on the details ..

ps someone said im quiet lah .. i pun nak kena open up lah .. LOL

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