Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pay a Visit to ..

Before my family went over to my mum's place for Hari Raya Haji, we visited Nicky and family at Lorong Melayu. Nicky is my sil's niece and she was born a day before Tihani. She is now based in Germany due to her dad's work commitments. Her family is now in Singapore for a 3 week holiday.

Tihani and her totally clicked like they've known for ages .. playing happily together ..

Dats Nicky and Tihani .. dun they look adorable .. cutie pies ..

Today was also Adriana's (my niece) bday today and sil bought her a bday cake. We got to savour ice cream cake from Swensen's before we left .. hehe

Dats everyone gathering around to sing a bday song before wish making and cake cutting.

Sil - dun forget to fix the date for the kids play together before Nicky leaves yah!

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