Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dinner @ Sakura International Restaurant

My sil gave us a dinner treat today at Sakura International Restaurant.The restaurant serves buffet and as the name suggests, it serves a wide spread of international food. It serves from local to Japanese to Western food.

The first station I headed for was the Japanese one .. I nicely placed lotsa tuna and salmon sashimi on my plate and a variety of sushi .. I just couldnt resist these that I jus chowed them down w/o even taking a pic of it.. how can I resist Jap food. They are my fave. The saddest part is that there arent many halal Jap restaurants in Singapore.

Then I had pizza, unagi, prawn and scallop tempura and also shishamo .. dun u think i'm kinda cruel!! .. I ate pregnant fishes .. hehehe .. but i cant resist deliciousness ..

Then I had some cold dish.

I also had Western food - medium well done steak with mixed veg.

And of kors, I ended my meal with a nice scoop of coconut ice cream and a cup of espresso .. ;-)

Thanks sil for the dinner treat and thanks for the dresses!

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FaRaH said...

Hmm... is this yang kat Downtown East? Looks so good!!! Oh ya the resioe you can get it over at Sis Diella blog. Click on the link aite...

Ps: Go ahead n make more babies as you make beatiful gerls, y waste it! *grins*

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