Monday, December 25, 2006

Almond Rocher

I was trying to delete old pix when I realised I havent update my blog about these yummy little treats. I invites my family for our wedding anniversary and I made these Almond Rocher .. whoa my anniversary was in May .. it is definitely a long overdue post.


almond nibs, roasted
chocolate couveture
aluminium tin foils


Melt the choc couveture using double boil method.
Add in the roasted almond nibs and mix well.
Spoon in tin foils and refrigerate to firm.

Alternative, u may use other nuts, fruits like raisins, cranberries etc or even digestives.

Oh ya u've got to check out the price of these gems at branded choc shop. They are expensive. More worth it to make it yourself and best yet, it is super easy to make.

PS .. Look at the pic closely. Mine just came out of the fridge and it kinda sweat a little.

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