Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Ahhhh .. it was 1 Jan 2007 yesterday .. how time flies. Do I have any resolution for this year .. i didnt dare think of one as those past years resolutions have yet to be fulfilled!

Nevertheless, I wish this new year would bring more memorable moments and I wish for a life more wonderful and a properous one.

My family was invited to a New Year Party at Melissa's place in Sengkang. It was a simple gathering with food and drinks and prezzies for the kids too. These are what my kids brought home.

Tihani just love her playdough .. she has always wanted one!

Thanks Melissa for your generosity and kind hospitality. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Wish we could stay longer to watch soccer with the boys but the kids are getting tired.

For today's breakfast, my hubby asked to prepare Fish Burger and I did it.

Hahah .. half way thru our bfast, I mentioned, it would be nice if there was lettuce and DH nodded and said "and cheese too" ..

Dang .. I had forgotten the cheese too .. sigh ..

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