Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Trip to the Bird Park

I spoke to my sis in law dis morning and she asked if we wanna go to the Jurong Bird Park. Her daughter, Adriana is performing in her school band. Why not? My daughters have not been there before anyway .. hmm .. actually Tihani had been there .. but she was still a lil baby then .. heheh

My angels at the entrance of the park.

We visited the penguins first to say our hellos.

Then we went to the waterfalls.

Then we walked around to see the birds. Are these pelicans?? .. duh .. how can I not know .. but seriously I dont .. hehe

I saw this stray bird and took a pic of it .. my favourite pic of all ..

Ahhhh .. pink flamingoes .. sooooooooo preeeeeeeeetty .. arent they??

Actually we didnt walk much .. it rained and it stopped and rained and stopped and rained at stopped .. and in the end we left and headed for Vivo City .. and guess wat??

We ate "birds" .. yeah Chicken Rice to be exact at the Chicken Rice Shop .. hehehe

What coincident!!

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