Wednesday, December 12, 2007

House of Sundanese

It was dad's birthday last Friday. His children, in laws and grandchildren decided to bring him out for dinner on Sunday.

We only confirmed the venue less than 2 hours before the time we're supposed to meet. From Mak's Place the Hawkerant to Lagun Sari to Kintamani and in the end we settled for House of Sundanese. That was how difficult for us to decide.

Once venue was confirmed. First sis in law made reservations. Very prompt and efficient ey!

The man and I left after Maghrib, then fetched my parents, sis and daughters and went straight to Suntec City where the restaurant was.

When all were seated, we placed our orders. We chose 2 set meals enough to feed 13 of us.

We were then served Emping and some hot dip. Twas really hot. I couldnt handle that.

These were some of the dishes that we had.

We had Grilled Seabass,

Large Prawn, (aint sure how it was cooked. sauteed with some stuff, i guess)

Tahu Telur,

Chicken Satay, which I thought was extremely good,

Grilled Cumi Cumi and

Grilled Chicken Sunda Style.

In the midst of me trying to fill my tummy, I had forgotten to snap pictures of some of the other dishes that we had, like Fried Kangkong, Sayur Lodeh, Mutton Soup in a claypot, Chicken Curry and .. ermm .. have I left anything out?! Maybe not.

If you're wondering why were there loads of grilled stuff, well, apparently, that is the most popular method of preparing food in Sunda.

We finished the meal with fresh lime juice.

Oh .. that was not the end. We helped ourselves to the dessert buffet after food. Despite the bad cough, I just had to go for the Mango Ice Cream and Fried Bananas!

A full belly later, we left the restaurant, cam whored and bade goodbyes!

PS. Happy Birthday Abah! Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan diberi kesihatan yang baik. Amin.


delmer said...

I always enjoy seeing photos of food.

It sounds like you all had a pretty good time.

m3rni3 said...

hi delmer

as much as i enjoy eating, i enjoy taking pictures of food too. that was one of the few reasons why this blog was created.

oh yes, we sure had a good time .. family bonding time is always good!

happy eye feasting on the food pix!

daphne said...

hihi! just wondering, where's the best tahu telur in your opinion? i love tahu telur loads

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