Saturday, December 08, 2007

Komala's Fast Food Restaurant

Pardon me for I know this is an ultra overdue post.

A few days before Deepavali, I visited Serangoon Road to see the light ups there and also to check out the bazaar. They have two different bazaars there. One just opposite Tekka market and one on the big open field just opposite Mustafa Centre. I went to the one near the Tekka market.

Each and every shop were filled with colours. So colourful! So vibrant! I just enjoyed myself milling through the crowded bazaar and just soaking in the atmosphere.

Makeshifts henna tattoo shops were aplenty. I was tempted to have my hands drawn with the henna tattoo but then changed my mind coz I had one more thing on my agenda, that was, to go eat at Komala's Restaurant.

After walking through the bazaar, my cousin, Inah, sis and I made our way to Upper Dickson Road and walked right in and ordered our food.

We had plain sweet lassi, mango lassi and lemondade for drinks.

Sis had Bhattura which came with fries.

Cuz Inah had Rawa Masala set, which came with a poori and vadai.

I had Onion Dosai. It was really overloaded with soft, sweet, sauteed onions which I liked very much.

We also shared amongst us some Pappadams.

After the tummies were filled, we left the fast food restaurant. As I was about to turn for the exit, I chanced upon this signage which I thought was rather cute.

What do you think?

PS. More overdue posts coming up. Keep a lookout aite!

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