Friday, July 20, 2007

Post Tihani's Mini Bday Celebration

So I went to Tihani's kindy today. Tihani was definitely surprised to see me when we (DH, Auni and myself)walked in. Teacher Azizah played her part .. she kept mum about the whole thing from Tihani .. hehe

Let me share with you some pix taken at the kindy ..

Tihani's classmate singing her a bday song

Tihani blowing the candles

One for the camera babes and dudes

After school, we brought Tihani to have lunch at Marina .. that's the bday girl posing for the camera

We then went to Carrefour to get her a bike .. thanks Pa, for getting the bike for Tihani ..

Oh ya .. Tihani also received lots of other prezzies too ..

Thank you Teacher Azizah, Teacher Zai, Teacher An and Teacher Liza for the presents

Thanks Auntie Marie, Uncle Ding and Hashri boy for that nice top and that must have reversible bag and

Thanks Mama Ina, Baba Zul and Hannah B for that Barbie Doll set!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love the girl with stripe...gerammmmmmm betul
cya soon
i get you girlz gifts ok

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