Thursday, July 05, 2007

Food Glorious Food!

After work earlier, DH and I went to Bedok Corner to eat. We were joined by Mila, her hubby, her hubby's brother and her hubby brother's friend .. hehehe .. So that make 6 of us.

I really stuffed myself today. Hmm .. I always complain that I am fat and yet I stuffed myself with all the nice food Bedok Corner stalls serve .. hahaha

We had

Fresh Cockles Kuey Teow .. it was really nice .. kuey teow fried with soy sauce and a lil chilli .. and some sliced fishcakes, prawn and fresh cockles thrown in .. oohh how I love thee!

Sotong Kangkong .. this shop has been serving this for the longest time and it has of course its followers .. sotong, sliced tau pok, chopped pineapples served on a bed of blanched kangkong and topped with the sauce and peanuts .. walla. The last I ate that was before Bedok Corner underwent renovation.

Mutton Satay .. really sweet .. these skewered meat were really tasty .. really well marinated .. served with chopped cucumber, onions and peanut sauce.

Cockles .. just yummy .. I just ate it like that without any dipping sauce whatsoever.

Sambal Stingray .. seriously I love this one more than the ones at Newton .. but the rest of the guys prefer the ones at Newton though .. maybe becoz I do not really like spicy stuff and this one is not spicy at all .. suited me well ;-)

Oyster Sauce Baby Kailan .. yikes .. dont really like this one .. the ones at Newton is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy much better .. nothing beats the ones at Newton. And yah, nevermind the blurry picture .. it is not nice anyway .. hehe

Oh yah .. that is not all .. a meal is never complete without dessert .. ehehe .. Mila and I ate Peanut Rice Balls with Warm Soy Milk .. the rice balls were really smooth and the peanuts just simply melted in your mouth.

That's Mila and me .. NICE FOOD = HAPPY GIRLS .. hehehe .. ;-)

After having all those glorious food, we said our goodbyes and parted .. BURP .. oops sowee .. ;-P

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Anonymous said...

yoo hooooo....stop eating n start baking will ya!!! when can i get my yummy muffins.....

m3rni3 said...

hmm .. is dat u my sil??

hehe .. if it is really you .. i'll give u a call later k .. most prolly i'll pass u later tonite aite .. :-)

Anonymous said...

who else....salivating over them muffs...yr bil going to the apt tonite..GUY going back MEL on the 11pm flt so the whole gang gonna be not going if you r really making them muffs bil can pick em up..

m3rni3 said...

doubt i can make it to the airport to see guy and lydia off to melbourne coz im just done with the muffins .. :-P

will leave in half an hour to send the muffins to you .. will call u soon.

c ya!

Anonymous said...

hehehe.... managed to pester om to go bedok corner. nxt time must go again but it will be the three of us only ok.

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