Sunday, July 15, 2007

Creative Cuppies

I do not normally go out on my own on Sundays. Sundays has always been a day for me to spend time with my family but today was exceptional.

This afternoon, I attended a creative cupcakes class. It was a whole lot of fun. Learnt to make some cuppies and cream.

The best part of the class was when I got to try hands on icing and decorating the cuppies.

I really enjoyed myself thoroughly .. got my hands and my top all messed up with the cream and all.

Check out the cuppies that I decorated .. still an amateur at this .. but I guess I have got to start somewhere rite??

Dont laugh aite .. just gimme the encouragement .. please please please ..

So here they are ladies and gentlemen .. presenting m3rni3's amateurish iced and decorated cuppies ..

hearts cuppy

webbey flower cuppy

ladybug cuppy

drift cuppy

rosey cuppy

Here is one more .. I got another participant to ice the leaves for me coz I was really not confident with icing leaves.

Never mind the names I gave them cuppies, I was just being creative .. ermm .. more like being wacky .. hehehe

I iced and decorated a whole lot more cuppies but only managed to snap pix of the above!

Hmm .. my hands are itching to make cuppies .. I really wonder when .. soon I hope!

1 comment:

mamazieza said...

ur cuppies memang cun for a first timer... tak sempat nak komen kat Rnet.. hehehe...

camner jadik ke turun nanti ke geder2 nanti??? hehehehe

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