Friday, July 20, 2007

Tihani's Birthday Cupcakes

It is Tihani's birthday this Saturday. No plan for a big birthday bash for her this year so I decided that we do a mini one at her kindy.

It was gonna be a SURPRISE for her .. she hasnt the slightest idea about the mini celebration.

I called her teacher for permission and asked how many children are there in Tihani's class and how many teachers there would be.

Sis helped me with the goody bags and I made CUPCAKES for Tihani earlier.

Phew .. after many hours in the kitchen, baking the chocolate and strawberry cakes in souffle cups,

making the icing, icing the cakes and topping it off with sugar decor stuff, here were the outcome ..

cupcakes ..

and more ...

There you go .. the cupcakes which I made for Tihani to bring to her school later on.

I really hope Tihani will be surprise to see me there and to see the cuppies I made her! Wish me luck!

It was definitely an improvement I made from the cupcakes that I baked her last year .. ;-)

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