Sunday, July 22, 2007

Chicken Mayonnaise

So what was for breaky today?? I made Chicken Mayonnaise yesterday night and chilled them in the fridge for breakfast today.

We had our Chicken Mayo with loads of lettuce and filled them in Pita pockets and served with chopped chicky pops on the side.

Yummmmy ... even Tihani and Auni enjoyed them.

When Tihani saw me eating lettuce, she went "i want to eat vege too" .. so I gave her some and then she commented that I did not cook the veg .. and I said that they were meant to be eaten raw .. and she just finished eating them and didnt dare ask for more .. hehehe

Auni is definitely not choosy .. even after finishing her pita .. she still asked me for more lettuce and ate it just like that .. such a darling baby!

Here comes the recipe ..


400 gm chicken breast
salt and peper, to taste
enough mayonnaise
lettuce, torn
pita bread


Boil the chicken breast with a little bit of salt.
Once cooked, drain them then shred.
Combine shredded chicken, salt, pepper and mayonnaise.
Fill pocket of pita, with chix mayo and lettuce.

So bloglings, yet another easy to whip breakfast idea just for you!

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Anonymous said...

i think your darling baby is just like me....simple not choosy need to teach me this too. ok auni auni you very lucky to have mummy that can cook good meal
..................i met a wrong wife

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