Sunday, July 08, 2007

An Order

Sometimes I wish, I would get cakes or muffins orders from people I know or do not know. I always dream of doing a small business selling muffins or cakes .. simple reason being, I love to bake!

The last I got an order was in Feb when a friend ordered some cookie gift packs to bring to her daughter's kindy for her daughter's bday.

Last week, I got an order for 30 pieces of Choc Chunk Banana Muffins and you couldnt imagine how delighted I was.

Here are some pix of the order ..

Fresh from the oven

Erm .. one for picture sake .. hehe

Muffins all packed in a box and ready to be delivered!

So this was my second order for this year and I hope there's gonna be more orders coming my way!

1 comment:

mamazieza said...

M3rNi3.... this looks delicious.. cam nak mintak 10 bukan satu tau.. hehehe

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