Saturday, July 28, 2007

J.CO Donuts

So the last I had Krispy Kreme was a few months back .. I had done a post on that. My friend, eat, saw the post and he mentioned that I should try J.Co Donuts. J.Co Donuts hails from Indonesia and owned by a Johnny Andrean who also owns salons all across Indonesia .. I always go to Johnny Andrean when I go to Batam for creambath by the way.

He was raving about J.Co and how they tasted soooo much better than Krispy Kreme .. well at least those were his thoughts on J.Co.

So last Saturday, knowing that eat was going to come back to Singapore from Jakarta, I had him buy some for me! When eat called me before he caught his flight back home, the first question I asked was whether he bought me the donuts. He said "yeah .. half a dozen" .. hmm .. nvm half a dozen, still I get to taste them, or so I thought.

So I fetched him at the airport with my sister in tow and this uber nice friend not only bought me half a dozen but a dozen ..

erm .. no no no .. not a dozen actually .. he got me 2 dozens .. woohoo .. I was smiling from ear to ear!

and here were the assorted donuts eat got me ..

yummehhhhhhhh .. so which one do I love best .. it has got to be Al Capone and and Mango Blitz .. why Al Capone?? coz I love almonds, that's why .. and why Mango Blitz?? .. sticking my finger into the mango creme and licking it off was just pure bliss!

Here's a lil something on Al Capone ..

The last sentence reads "Addiction is at you own risk!" .. and boy was I addicted to it .. yeah addicted big time!

Al Capone .. I need you baby .. come in to me .. come in to me (reads my mouth) .. hehe


Lydia said...

donut lover?

m3rni3 said...

hi lydia

im such a sucker for sweet stuff so ive got to love donuts too ..

the sweetness .. the softness .. ahhh heaven!!!

the queue at the donut places here are just crazy .. im so not gonna queue hours just to get them tho i'd love to taste them one day ..

Lydia said...

come here... krispycreme got lots of outlets here, but very exp!!

m3rni3 said...

haha .. travel all the way there to get krispykreme .. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Yummy Donuts just opened at WhiteSands...long queue too. Not bad, soft n light but i'm sure nothing can compare to your krispycreme...i'm not that much of a donut fan...still prefers the classic sugared rings at D'Glacier at serangoon central...

Hani's b'day gift still wz me...
wonder wen we can meet up....

m3rni3 said...

hi kak

hmm .. suddenly new donut stores are sprouting all around singapore.

each time i passed by the donut store at vivo, never fail to see a queue .. havent a chance to try the ones here as yet .. not even the ones at raffles nor suntec nor vivo ..

oh yah .. the sugar coated one will always be an old time fave too!

prezzie for hani .. cant tell her yet until i wanna go there else she would bug me everyday to go to your place .. hehe ..

btw, do u hv any idea if the jap restaurant at white sands has attained their halal certification. im so craving for nice jap food now ..

Shaz & Aidil said...

hi babe! been wanting to answer that bit on the jap restaurant..but somehow i couldn't log on.

anyway! the very nice manager told us that they are having probs getting halal certification because some of the sauces, seaweeds, food additives etc imported from japan are not halal-certified and it's hard to find halal-certified equivalents.

but they say their meats and poultry etc are from halal-certified suppliers.

if you walk in and ask, the manager will very gladly tell you which dishes are safe to eat i.e. from a halal source but at this rate however, i don't think they will be halal-certified anytime soon.

they might just end up like plenty other restaurants serving halal items on their menu but without proper halal-certification.


Anonymous said...

tot of dropping by sun aft 4..u gonna be around? then i can get the donuts for u to try...or maybe might be dissapointed..haha
anyway, it's ok if u have plans on tt day...i nak jengok bapak, it's been a while.

yup, the 2 jap rest not halal yet..

wish yr parents a happy anniversary for me, k...i suppose makan besar lagi lah this national day?
btw, bila nak update yr blog?

m3rni3 said...

hi shazaidil

thanks for that piece of info.

it is true .. in fact some restaurants serve halal food but at the same time they serve alcohol. i suppose they may have a particular group of customers that they need to pull to make it through.

oh yah, i am so looking forward to 2nd sep. i may be able to join only after 12.30 as i have to work that day. hope to hear from you guys about the firmed up plan for that day.

m3rni3 said...

hi kak

as of now, we havent any plan yet for sunday. so i suppose i see you at home on sunday.

thanks for remembering my parents anniversary. rite now im here at their place. gonna watch fireworks. she fried penne pasta, i bought tulang and my bro bought murtabak. yet another makan session. yay!

hmm .. as for the blog, there's nothing to update as yet!

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