Thursday, May 24, 2007

Krispy Kreme

Who can resist Krispy Kreme??

Not that I always get a chance to eat them. The last I had Krispy Kreme was a couple of months back when my sis brought some home from Bali.

And last week, when my buddy, Jun, told me that he was going back to Manila .. the only pasalubong I wanted from him was Krispy Kreme.

Well, yeah .. he bought me a dozen of Krispy Kreme .. THANK YOU, pare!!

His ETA was 11.55pm, and since I was craving for those sugary treats, I didnt mind going to the airport at midnite, just to take the doughtnuts from him.

I was of course full of smiles when I saw him with the box. The first thing I did when I received it, was to open the box and eat one .. oh gosh .. how satisfying!!

When I reached home about 1 am .. I sat down by the dining table and ate and ate. I knew how sinful it was .. doughnuts chockful of sugar!! I couldnt get enuff of these sugary treats but I had to stop at 3 .. ;-)

Then I opened the fridge, took a bottle of bird's nest with rock sugar and drank it.

Then a little voice inside me said "OH murnie .. get a life!! You are so contradicting!!" - doughnuts with loads of transfat then bird's nest .. hahahah .. well dats me .. do i really care?!

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