Friday, June 29, 2007


Woohoo .. it is Friday today .. the weekends here!!

Nothing to update really. On the way to send Auni over to the babysitter's, Auni had put on Tihani's baby Gap shades coz she said "Mama, got sun!". I took my camera and started snapping.

My baby's cute, isnt she?!?! .. Vain ..

After work today, I met Izz at Coffee Bean, Boat Quay to chill and unwind. Gosh, it had been ages since we last went to Boat Quay. That place used to be our hangout place before we got married .. hehehe

We had Ice Blended with non alcoholic Tiramisu .. fattening .. but then, anything to make us, two ladies, HAPPY!!

Am I right Izz??


Anonymous said...

cutest 3 year old ever!!

Anonymous said...

eemmm sedap nyer tiramisu tuh...
nak sikt..:P
ada resepi tak utk buat tiramisu tu?bolah la share yer..:D

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