Saturday, December 22, 2007

Donut Factory

Many many months ago, Donut Factory was the talk of the town when it opened its first outlet at Raffles City Shopping Centre. People would queue for hours just to get their fix. Donut Factory has opened 2 more outlets ever since.

After lunch and shopping today, I checked out Donut Factory. There WAS a queue but it was moving rather quickly so I decided to join the queue.

I bought two half a dozen of them donuts - a box for sis in law and the other for me. We tried the Glazed ones, Spicy Cheese, Double Choc, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Lemon Cream Heart, Coffee Roasted Almond and Hazelnut Milk Chocolate.

I really indulged. The lightness of Donut Factory donuts are comparable to those of J.Cos but I found those at Donut Factory a little messy though.

Oh, I just have to add this - NONE of them serving was smiling! I kid not. Look again at the pictures above. They were unlike all those trays of sweet donuts displayed over their counters!

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