Monday, December 17, 2007

Banquet @ Lion City Hotel

After lunch with Mila today, I met my cousin, Inah, at Tanjong Katong Complex (TKC). I had asked my cousin to accompany me to an employment agency to do some enquiries as I am planning to get a helper.

After that was done, cousin decided that I accompany her to eat. So we went to Banquet @ Lion City Hotel to eat.

We braved through the heavy rain from TKC to Lion City Hotel. Cousin ordered Kuey Teow Cockles for herself and

You Tiao Rojak for us to munch so that I do not have to just watch her eat.

Nothing beats a cold rainy day than a hot cup of coffee .. mmmmmmm ...

Gee .. I have been eating out alot and that was the reason why I ballooned. Well, no complains .. hehehe.

PS. I learnt today that new employers are to go to through a course through Singapore Polytechnic and get a certificate of attendance before they can employ a maid.

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