Sunday, December 23, 2007


From Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Malacca .. at long last I got to eat IT in Johore Bahru (JB). And what am I talking about?!?! IT refers to Nando's.

I was in KL last month but did not get to try it. I was in Malacca two weeks ago and still did not get to try it. I was in JB earlier today and you should all see my excitement when I saw a banner on Nando's just outside Plaza Pelangi, when the man drove past the mall, on the way to AEON Tebrau City.

We spent the whole afternoon at Tebrau City - we lunched and shopped and after almost 6 hours of exploring the 3-level mall, we called it quits.

We decided to go to Plaza Pelangi for dinner at Nando's. The very reason why I heart my bro and sis in law. They are so accomodating. They knew I wanted to eat Nando's badly and got the man to drive all of us there.

Nando's is famous for its Peri Peri sauces and its Afro-Portuguese Flame Grilled Peri Peri Chicken.

We ordered their promotional menu for 4 which consisted of a whole Lemon & Herb chicken,

two different kind of rice (pictured only one),

Peri corn and

a bowl of potato salad.

Sprite with Lemon and a hint of vanilla and a pot of tea to finish our meal.

All of us enjoyed our meal at Nando's. I agree with my sis in law, Adriana, when she said "We should have Nando's in Singapore."

Feeling all satisfied after my Nando's meal, I slept in the car, all the way from JB to Singapore. Hmm .. I wonder whether I slept with a smile on my face .. ;-)

PS. Thanks brother for the the lunch and dinner treat today!

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daphne said...

i love love love nando's!! and yes, i wish they're available in SG too... used to have it regularly when i was studying in AU. =(

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