Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Visits on 23 & 26 Feb

Thursday - 23 Feb

Jules and fiance came to mum's place for a visit and dinner. When she called mum abt the visit, mum told her, dinner was going to be a surprise. They reached past 8 pm and these were wat mum served them.

Soft and fluffy beriyani rice .. it was really smooth

Really shiok mutton beriyani ...

Thick chicken curry ..

and acar ..

Even I enjoyed mum's cooking .. who would not???

Sunday - 26 Feb 2006

My cuz and fiance actually spent the whole week since she arrived visiting her siblings, aunts and cousin - dats me. They came for dinner last Sunday.

For appetiser, I served them mini pizza and crab rangoon.

For main, I served them baked dory fish, steamed broccoli and baked potatoes. Seriously didnt have the time to snap any pix. I saw one on my camera tho .. hmm .. it must be my daughter who might have taken the pic.

For dessert, I served them banana cake with vanilla ice cream.

I also packed mini pizza and uncooked crab rangoon for my cuz and sis to bring home.

Jules, Paul, Rose and Aliza - I hope u guys really enjoyed the dinner and hospitality.

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Anonymous said...

Hello cuz,

Oh yeah we had a sumptuous meal at ur place. It was really yummy. It was really nice for Paul as well cos its the first time he had something different from the rest of the dinners we had at my family which were more traditional food. Thanks for the effort. Thumbs up.

Julia, Paul xx

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