Saturday, June 23, 2007

Auni's Bday - 2nd Celebration

After meeting Izz yesterday, I went home. After Maghrib, DH and myself brought Tihani and Auni to my brother in law's place @ Pasir Ris.

That morning, when my sil Lily read my blog, she found out about Auni's bday and then text me "Happy Birthday to Auni - from kakak Diana, kakak Aida and your very forgetful Auntie Lily". She then called and invited us over to her place.

So we went to her place yesterday nite to celebrate Auni's bday a second time .. lucky Auni!

They had bought Auni an ice cream cake from Swensen's and so of course there was another cake cutting and candle blowing ceremony for Auni.

Snapped a picture before Auni blew the candles .. from left to right .. Filzah Tihani, Aida Sofea, Auni Faizah (the bday gal) and Ira Adriana ..

So what's after candle blowing .. of course no time was wasted, Kak Lily cut the cake for all of us to enjoy.

Sil Lily also prepared some snacks for us! Kak Lily, made yummy curry puffs using puff pastry .. Ive never tried making anything using puff pastry before .. maybe one day, I will.

Oh ya, I also told Kak Lily that she can make those using instant prata too, using brand like Kawan or Chinatown .. ;-)

To Adriana, Aida Sofea, Kak Lily and Abg Amie .. thanks for being so thoughtful, inviting us over and buying a cake for Auni .. and yah thanks for the hong bao too!

We really appreciate your sincerity and thoughtfulness .. ;-P

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