Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Roast

Earlier today my sis, Rose, called to say that she wanted to come over. I forbade her .. hehehe .. she had been pestering me to make her Sunday Roast or more like Sunday Chicken Roast.

After some negotiations, I relented. She and her best fren, Aliza, had to go buy the ingredients needed. We settled for Roast Chicken, Yorkshire Pudding, Whipped Potato, Asparagus and Broccoli.

When they reached, we prepared dinner together right away.

We peeled potatoes, boiled and mashed them. Added dallops of butter, salt and pepper and oopsie .. i forgot I had to add milk but the mash still tasted good nonetheless. We also made brown sauce to go with the mash.

Then we made Yorkshire Pudding using the mix that sis had bought the last time she went to London. Errr .. we failed again this time .. we just cant get the right thing .. I do not know really where we went wrong .. sigh.

Sis had bought premarinated chicken legs. It was easier for me, in the sense that I do not have to marinate the chix and stuff .. told ya .. I didnt wanna do this but sis insisted. Placed the chix on wire rack then on baking tray and then baked them.

When the chicken were almost done, I steamed the asparagus and broccoli. (next time, i'd rather just blanch the veg and then transfer them in icy cold water so as to retain the crispness and green-ness)

When everything's done, we plate them and ate early dinner! I, who initially didnt wanna make the Sunday roast was happy myself .. guess becoz the tummy was filled.

After dinner, sis Rose and Aliza went out to buy a VCD entitled My Heart (an Indo movie) and we watched. While watching VCD, I served the girls dessert which I had prepared in advance and placed in the fridge - Choc Chip Ice Cream with crushed Hanuta .. mmmm .. yum yum ..

Thanks sis Rose and Aliza for coming by for Sunday Roast. So when are u guys coming again???

And yah thanks too for cleaning up after dinner .. ehehehe

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