Monday, June 18, 2007

Banana-Cue and Camote-Cue

I had promised Tihani and Auni to bring them for a swim since last week. This morning I called my buddy, Jun, to ask if I could bring the kids for a swim over at his place.

Jun was available so I took half a day off and went back home to fetch the kids. Hmm .. Auni took her nap just as I was about to leave to Jun's place, so I had no choice but to just bring Tihani alone.

When I reached his place, I went to the kitchen to see what the Yaya (maid) was doing and I was soooooooo happy when I saw her making banana-cue. Oh gosh, how I so wanted to learn how to make those. Once ready, I was served tea ..

Hell yeah .. banana-cue ..

and camote-cue (sweet potatoes).

They were ohhhhhhhh so delicious .. caramelised bananas and sweet potatoes .. I couldnt ask for more .. hehehe

After tea, Jun and I, brought our daughters down for a swim.

Look how happy Tihani was once she got herself wet in the pool ..

And that's Isabelle and Tihani having a splashing good time ..

Oh ya .. it rained heavily while the girls were in the pool, but I just let them swim. Well, when will Tihani ever get the chance to play in the rain?!?! I thought that was the best opportunity ever! She has got to experience playing in the rain once in her kid's life right?!

After two hours in the pool, we went back up. I then ordered MacDonald's. And while the kids were having their meal and played with toys, Jun, his wifey and myself sat on the comfy couch and watched DVD - The Pursuit to Happyness - a real good movie featuring Will Smith and his son! Go catch it if you havent!


Rick Smith said...

I really really really want some. That looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh that looks so sarap..i'm making both for thxgving..

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