Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trip to KL (2 - 4 Jun 07)

I went for a trip to KL with DH from 2 - 4 Jun. We took a coach there and stayed at Istana Hotel.

The reason I went there was to attend a friend's wedding - Eda and Farish .. Congrats on your wedding guys!

This is me at the hotel's lift lobby on the way to the wedding .. gosh look how chubby I've grown .. gotta do something about it I suppose .. hehe

That's the king and queen for a day on the wedding dais ..

Ok enuff about the wedding, let's see some of things I ate when in KL.

The first day we were there, DH and I ate at Lot 10 food court and I ate Chicken Ramen and Gyoza .. simple and nice ..

That's me again at the lift lobby again before we went to KLCC.

Oh ya .. that's KLCC by day .. I snapped this pic while I was in a cab on the way to my friend's wedding.

and that's KLCC by night taken near the hotel vicinity ..

Hmm .. me and my donut craze .. I got all excited when I saw Dunkin Donuts at the basement of KLCC ..

I just couldnt resist temptations and bought half a dozen .. yummeh ..

Wanna see what I had for breakfast at the hotel on the last day I was there??
Here it goes ..

Congee with its condiments

Fried noodle, with sunny side up egg, tomoto with ground pepper and turkey ham .. slurp ..

and last but not least, I had some danish pastries with a hot cuppa .. heaven ..

Well, overall though tiring, I enjoyed the trip.

The next time if there's opportunity, I would loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee to go for an ultra relax trip to somewhere .. where I can jus sit and chill by a nice beach, read a good book and indulge myself in a spa package! .. I wonder when is that gonna be??

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Anonymous said...

if you want to go for a relsxing time by the beach....plan something maybe we can go together...its nice to if you ever tried having a coffee and .....


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