Friday, June 22, 2007

Life's Little Pleasures ..

is like buying a nice smooth cheescake and eat it too .. yummeh ..

I was on leave today and what better way to spend it than with my best friend, Izz.

We met and went to the airport and spent time together just sitting for hours at Coffee Bean and enjoying each other's company & chatting over a large cup of latte.

Before we settled ourselves comfortably at Coffee Bean, we had brunch at Popeye's. Here are some pix of us .. Vain huh??

Then we walked around the shops and I bought myself a pair of earrings and a bangle. We then went to Times and browse throught some books they have there. Izz had wanted to get a book entitled How To Talk to Anyone and was contemplating to buy it. In the end, she didnt.

After that, we went to Coffee Bean and we talked about our lives and about customers we met at work .. hmm .. tried not to talk about work but couldnt help ourselves .. well, at times we just need to let of steam ..

We did not just drink coffee but also ate warm brownies .. it was just delish!

Here are some candid shots of us ..

Some posed pictures of us .. hehe .. we just love to take pictures don't we??

And while we were there enjoying life's little pleasures, I was still thinking about Izz and the book she wanted. I excused myself, walked to the bookstore and bought the book which she had wanted .. I knew she wanted it sooo bad ..

Izz was happy and felt rather out of place when I passed her the book .. little things I would do to make a best friend happy .. ;-)

Izz - I hope you enjoyed our meet up earlier and happy with that little gift from me .. enjoy reading yah .. cheers gerl!

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