Monday, April 02, 2007

I've Been Tagged By ...

Lydia of My Kitchen ..

Kewl!! .. And she tagged me for "10 Things I Want for My Kitchen" ..

I've never really thought of things I want for my kitchen .. well thanks to Lydia .. she made me think and I really thought hard and these are the 10 things I want for my kitchen ..

1. a digital scale - i hate using the conventional scale .. coz i think they are kinda not accurate .. i gave mine to my mum .. i gave dat one away so i could get a digital one ..

2. a bread maker - i'm always so envious of peeps being able to make homemade breads.

3. an ice cream maker - so dat i could whip ice cream for my kids .. or rather whip ice cream for myself ..

4. a kitchenaid - oh yeah .. how i long for thee .. but then you are too expensive .. still need to save some more $$ to getcha ..

5. a little book shelf - so that i can start storing my cookbooks in them .. told ya .. i have like 2 boxes full of cookbooks but no shelf .. go figure ..

6. a set of WMF pots and pans - hmm .. hint hint to someone .. u still owe me this rite??

7. a smoothie maker - making yummy smoothie on a hot humid day .. ahh .. cooling ..

8. a waffle maker - if i have thee .. i'll make waffles for breakfast or after dinner .. waffles with ice cream .. scrumptious ..

9. a steamboat multi cooker + grill - well, i would love this so dat i could invite some good company to enjoy a good steamboat + grilling session ..

10. with all the things i want for my kitchen .. the last thing i also want is a BIG KITCHEN .. currently my kitchen is ultra small .. sigh ..

There you go .. 10 Things I Want for My Kitchen .. :-)


Lydia said...

thanks for that... tot kitchen in sg quite big? mine is big, old flat though.

m3rni3 said...

well, i just moved into this 5 room flat (older generation flats) a year ago and unfortunately the kitchen is small .. unlike the 4 room flat i used to live in.

phalinn said...

when u get your steamboat machine, make some good steamboat and dont forget to invite favourite!

m3rni3 said...

hey there phalinn ..

yeah, i'll definitely invite you if there's a steamboat session .. but the thing is .. will you ever come? .. ;-)

muacks ..

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