Monday, April 23, 2007

Making Decision Has Never Been Easy ..

It is 3+ am .. I still couldnt sleep ..

I visited Aunt Yayah yesterday and was told by the nurse that the doc wanted to meet us ..

And so we were met by the doc on duty and he told us that the team doctor would like to see us later today ..

Mainly to ask us to make a decision on whether we want to pull out the oxygen supply and let her pass ..

I know from the start they do not see my Aunt to live long .. giving her the oxygen supply was only prolonging her life .. she's given 2 different kinds of medicine to help her bp level at a good level, else it'll dip .. she is not taking her milk feeds well (not digesting) .. she's still drowsy .. and "not responding" ..

Faiz, Aunt's son (the main decision maker) asked me "Kak Nani, what would your decision be if you were in my shoes?"

I couldnt answer ..

It is and going to be very hard to see 2 beloved persons go one after the other ..

I do not bear to see Aunt go but at the same time I do not bear to see Aunt suffer!

This is a very huge and difficult decision to make ..

Faiz, whatever ultimate decision you make, we are all behind to support you .. I promise you that!

Faiz, I'll see you later and see what Dr Kong has to say you .. I'll bring the list of questions that we have listed for the doc .. see you later ..

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