Friday, April 20, 2007

The Phone Call ..

My name is the alternate contact should the hospital needs to get in touch with regards to my Aunt.

I received a phone call yesterday morning to inform that Aunt Yayah's conditioned has worsened and oxygen level is very low. They are trying their level best in the ward and that they are getting the ICU doc to assess her.

Then they called again a while later to inform that they'll be transferring her to ICU.

I know then how critical her situation was.

I rushed down to the hospital and met the doctor .. he explained to me my aunt's condition and what they are doing to help her survive.

I left back for work after that then went back to the hospital after work.

That evening, the doc mentioned that they do not see Aunt to live long .. he mentioned to start preparing, to call relatives, etc ..

I stayed there till 1 am and left for home ..

At 3.26 am, I received an sms from Aunt's son, Faiz, to inform that doc called to inform that Aunt's heartbeat stopped for 15 mins but they managed to revive her.

I couldnt sleep after reading the message and I was back at the hospital at 7 am.

Met the senior doc in charge, Dr Kong and he mentioned, that Aunt is still very ill, and that Aunt's brain might be damaged due to stopping of heartbeat but it is still too early to tell.

The vigil continues ..

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