Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Visit to the Hospital

Yesterday, I didnt just rest at home. I went to the hospital to visit Aunt Yayah .. she has been hospitalised for the past two weeks.

Aunt Yayah is Gramma's youngest daughter.

Just couldnt bear to see her there .. laying there on her hospital bed and not knowing that her mum has just passed away yesterday. I wished I could tell her but that wouldnt be a good idea so I just kept mum about it.

Most of the time I was there, Aunt Yayah is like in hallucination .. saying things like "kata nani nak bawakkan yayah mee siam (btw, nani is my pet name)", "yayah nak makan anggur", "yayah tak kenal siapa nani (when i asked her if she knows who i was)", she also called out for my sister's name "liza .. liza" etc etc ..

She is hospitalised for a lot of reasons .. she is very very ill .. from diabetes to failing kidney to failing liver to heart problem and she is only 51.

Doctor mentioned that chances of her surviving is slim.

I am really sad to hear that .. it would be hard for my cousin, Faiz. He has been staying with his mum and gramma almost all his life. We had just lost our gramma and now to lose his mum. It would be hard on him .. really, really hard. I could feel for him.

I hope ada hikmah di sebalik apa saja yang berlaku dan yang akan berlaku!

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