Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dats me ..

I have not visited the hairdresser for a long time .. and I am getting sick of my long hair .. tired of having to tie them .. not only that at times I looked tired and dead in long hair ..

And today, I decided to chop my locks .. and dis is how I look now .. a newer and fresher looking me .. hehehe

Thanks to my hairdresser, Vincent .. I know I can count on you!

So after the haircut, my sis, daughter and I head down to Paragon to meet my dear buddy, Jun Ernesto and his daughter, Isabel for coffee at Bakerzin..

It was a short meeting as he had to leave to meet his wifey for dinner in celebrating their wedding anniversary ..

To Jun and Mylene - Wishing u guys many more years of blissful marriage!

After coffee .. my sis, Tihani and I walked up and down Orchard Road to do a lil shopping before meeting DH and Auni for dinner at Swensen's @ Park Hotel. These are some of the stuff we ate ..

Fried Calamari

Fried Mee Goreng with Meat Chunks

Black Pepper Seafood Pasta

We also stuffed ourselves with Fish and Chips, drinks like Blueberry Soda, Bandung topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Black Bean Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream .. (not pictured .. heheh)


FaRaH said...

hey that Vincent cuts my hair too..he's quite good right? Too bad his salon is far from my place ;(

m3rni3 said...

really?!?! .. u mean u go to vince too?!?! he's corny and at time vulgar eh .. anyway he's a nice fella who loves to joke ..

the whole time i was there last sat .. i was shouting and screaming coz i wasnt ready for short hair and he was pissed and said "the next time you are not ready dun come and say you wanna cut your hair"

hahaha ..

FaRaH said...

Yeah last time he touch my hair he kept saying my hair so soft so soft then in the end without realising he cut my hair really short and not the way I want it. I end up waiting a lot of months to just tie my hair! Yah his jokes are more to dirty and disgusting! Ader ke patut dia tanya my hubby's thingy is big or not? *Sheesh*

Ps: yr hair looks good seriously..I guess he's good in his own dirty ways hahaha

m3rni3 said...

oh hell yeah .. he has never ever listened to instructions .. u tell him something and he'll go OK but then he'll jus cut your hair his way .. hehehe .

dat is why i am scared to ask him to cut my hair at times .. hehehe ..

btw, thanks for the compliments ..

i kinda like the new look too .. hehehe

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