Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eidl Fitr (Day 2)

We made two pits stops, before we started visiting on the 2nd day. First, we accompanied sis-in-law to her workplace because she needed to send out an urgent email which she had totally forgotten to send before went on leave.

While waiting for sil, being hungry and all, 5 little ladies and I found our way to McDonald's to grab some munchies to go.

Look at the adorable babes .. Adriana in baby blue, Aida in lilac, Nicky in pink floral dress, standing in between my angels in red.

We then went to sis-in-law mum's place at Lorong Melayu to drop Nicky off. Looking at the kids, I foresee them growing up to be best cousins, hopefully. There they are again, playing the swing before we bade Nicky goodbye and off we started our raya visitings.

Remember my outing with the Darul Ihsan kids? Remember the girl named Nurun Najwa, my younger charge? I was totally shocked when I saw her at the man aunt's place. She looked at me and shockingly went "Eh!" .. I was shocked too! I knelt down and started to touch and hug her. I miss her terribly .. really. The world is indeed small. I didnt know I was even related to her, not like really closely related but yeah related somehow.

That's me and Nurun Najwa ..

Not much to share about my second day. Meeting Najwa at Aunt's was the highlight of my 2nd day of raya. I miss her already .. ;-(


daisy diana said...

omg small world seh! so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

you and your family look awesomeee on raya =)

m3rni3 said...

hi diana

small world indeed lah .. mcm tak percaya tau ..

thanks for the compliments.

salam lebaran to u and yg tersayang too .. maaf zahir batin! u look like you are having a rocking raya too with all those pix on your blog .. ;-)

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