Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eidl Fitr (Day 3) - Visit by My Darul Ihsan Kids

I did not go to work today. I met a friend for lunch before I head back home. I had guests who came over to my place. The special guests were none other than the kids from Darul Ihsan. They were on home leave for Hari Raya and being the nice girls, who still keep in touch with me, they came over for a visit. They had actually wanted to come on Day 2 but I was out with the family.

From left are Nafisah, Roslina and Nazhirah. They came with Roslina's 3 other siblings. My heart kind of sank when I saw Roslina with her siblings. My thoughts then strayed and the person I thought of was her mum. It must be hard on her being the sole breadwinner looking after her children all on her own. The hardship she face must have left her with no choice but to place Roslina in the home.

All the time, I put a happy face talking and teasing the kids. But deep down inside my heart, I was feeling sad and the mind were filled with endless thoughts.

I served them pizza which I ordered. It is so unlike me to not serve guests home cooked food but the lazy bug got the better of me and I had to resort to ordering pizza instead.

Well, but I got to serve them the cookies I made though. They love my cornflakes crunchies. Hehe .. look at Roslina with the cookie and the little cookie jar in her hand! The rest seated there are her siblings, aged 5, 7 and 9.

That's Roslina again carefully taking a bite of them morsels.

They were not the only ones who enjoyed my crunchies. Some other guests also enjoyed my crunchies that I often had to replenish the little cookie jar and yeah my cornflakes crunchies stock has depleted.

The kids left at about 11 plus and headed home right after. They must be darn tired because they were out since afternoon. But that's the only opportunity these girls had and so they would not want to waste it!

Girls, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that I love you girls and thanks for coming by my house.

PS. Roslina - do remember our plan to plan something with Najwa on your girls' next home leave yah!

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